Crematology Coffee Roasters Senopati Jakarta

November 1st, 2014. I went to Crematology Coffee Roasters for the first time. Yup, a little too late, I know. Everybody had already been there. Actually, I heard a couple of good recommendations from my fellow foodies, that’s why when my buddies mentioned this place, I was so excited. I must go there! I must go there! The place used to be a furniture showroom, but they renovated the place to become a coffee shop. A cozy and comfy coffee shop. When I came in to Crematology, I knew from that moment that this will be another one of my favourite place to hang out or just doing my job, which is blogging and having fun. 😀

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They divided the place into non-smoking and smoking area. The smoking area is much smaller than the non-smoking area. I really like the place. It was like a big showroom where everybody can sit wherever they want. The ambiance was very romantic, with poetic atmosphere.

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Frappe Nutella 44k (R) 49k (L)

First time I went to this place, this drink already caught my eyes. But I wasn’t in a good mood to drink frappe. So, I ordered this one on my second visit. It was very sweet *not a problem for me because I love sweet drinks* I ordered this on my third visit too. And I think it’s my favourite drink here. Best Nutella Frappe ever!!


Ice Lychee Tea 40k

What can I say about lychee tea? Nothing. Ice lychee tea never fails to disappoint!


Hot Tea (Green Tea) 28k

For hot tea, I always ordered English Breakfast, but at Crematology I had to order Green Tea because the English Breakfast was sold out. I like their Green Tea, not too strong for my taste.



Fudge Brownie 24k

with whipped cream

The texture was fudgy and chewy. The taste of the chocolate was fabulous. Served with whipped cream. Surprisingly, I love the whipped cream. Very light and not too sweet. Sometimes, the whipped cream was too dense, and it made me only ate a little bit. But this whipped cream, I could eat them all 🙂



Cheese Bitterballen 32k

I love cheese. Kyaaaaa.. this cheese bitterballen was very soft and moist. Can you imagine those 4 balls only for me? I was so happy. I didn’t have to share with anybody, because I ate there alone. I was waiting for my friend to pick me up. So yeah, they were all for me!! Yaaaay.. The cheese was so generous. It was salty of course, but that’s what I like about cheese. The saltiness was addictive. Recommended for snack.

IMG_5466 IMG_5465


With Oreo Cheesecake and Vanilla Ice Cream 48k

Best waffle I’ve ever tried. So true!! Best waffle ever!!! I kept coming back to this place for the waffle. The texture was crispy but with perfect tenderness. Can you imagine? Cannot? Hmmm.. Ok, it’s so simple. Just go to Crematology and order any kind of waffles. All of them were awesome. Trust me!


With Maple Syrup and Fresh Fruits 48k

Need another word? I don’t think so. This was my favourite. The maple syrup was beyond compare. And you know what? If you know me, you should know that I never liked apple. But, those apples were surprisingly delicious. They were also so thin that I could eat them with joy. What can I say. This one? My favourite!!!



Zesty Mac N’ Cheese 54k

Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzarella with a hint of Chilli

Lovely one. Actually I’m curious about the lasagna. But I never got a chance to try it. Not yet. I won’t quit. So, replacing the lasagna, I tried this mac and cheese. And it was very well-seasoned!!! I love the overlay of the mac n’ cheese. It was crispy and very tasty. I had to fight for it with my buddy LOL. We both liked it very much 😀


Alfredo Pasta 84k

Fresh Cream Sauce with Parmesan, Mushroom and Smoked Beef

Kyaaaaaaaaa.. best alfredo pasta ever!!! I was hypnotized by their pasta. The cream sauce was so tasty I could die!!! Believe me. This super creamy pasta was really to-die-for. The cheese was amaaaaaahziiiiing!! The smoked beef were generous. Aaaaak, I am drooling while writing about this. I should go there as soon as possible..

IMG_5241 IMG_5235

Carbonara Pasta 80k

Cheese, Smoked Beef and Egg Yolk

Love the presentation of this pasta. Egg Yolk!! My favourite. This pasta wasn’t as creamy as the alfredo pasta, but it’s very unique with the egg yolk on top of the pasta. Sprinkled with parmesan, it was soooo mouthwatering, right? Wait until you see after I broke the egg yolk!! Oh wait, I forgot to capture it. Sorry, I was too excited. Cannot wait to eat the pasta, actually hahaha..


Say no more. Thanks to Mr. Elliot Davernas and Ms. Alexis Purnama who brought us this lovely place. This place is definitely become one of my favourite places to blogging or just hanging out with my friends. Love it so much. And not to mention that their servers are all friendly and very helpful. And those delicious food.. OMG! I wanna be there every single day if I can. LOL. Crematology, wait for me!!!

Crematology Coffee Roasters
Jl. Suryo No. 25, Senopati
Jakarta Selatan 12180
Phone: 021-72780012
FB Fan Page: Crematology
twitter: @crematology

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