Ippudo Ramen Pacific Place SCBD Jakarta

September 27th, 2014. I happened to be at Pacific Place, as usual, blogging alone. Then, my sister and her kids came. We planned to have dinner here, so why didn’t we try something new. Yup, finally, the famous ramen from Singapore, IPPUDO, landed in Jakarta. Actually, I didn’t really like the ramen when I ate in Singapore. But, a ramen is a ramen, I should try it.

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And.. the queue was long. Hahaha. Yeah, it’s a habit in Jakarta. Once a new place opens, everybody should go there. Everybody should be the first one going there. Everybody should be the first that post the food on social media. It’s really funny, actually. Everybody needs attention, I think. 🙂


After queueing for almost 1 hour, we got our table. Yaaaay.. We were so happy. Finally!!! We looked at the queue with snob face.. Yeah, we got in! we got in! *victory dance* LOL. Actually, the place isn’t so big. But, I learned that some ramen place is quite small. Just enough for some people to eat, the rest of them can queue hahaha..

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Shiromaru Motoaji Special Combination 90k

IPPUDO’s original tonkotsu broth served with ultra thin noodles, pork loin, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions. Classic Hakata-style ramen. The special combination is Shiromaru with salted soft-boiled egg, pork loin, pork belly and seaweed.

I ordered the complete one, means I got salted soft-boiled egg, pork loin, pork belly and seaweed. The pork loin and pork belly were very delicious. But, still, I didn’t really like the broth. Only salty, with no surprise. I chose the soft one, for the ramen. It’s ok. No complaint for the ramen. I just didn’t really have a connection with the broth. Good thing the tamago was delicious too. Love the texture of the softness. Surprisingly, the one that I enjoyed at IPPUDO Singapore was better. But, it’s all about taste. For me, it’s not that good. But for others, I think some people will like it. Trust me. It’s not that bad, but it’s not good for me. For me.


IPPUDO Pork Bun 28k

Juicy braised pork belly served with IPPUDO’s special sauce. Our best seller around the world! (All time favourite!)

I was told by a friend of mine, to try this, because it was so good. Ok, I tried. But for me, it was not that good. The bun was soft, the pork belly was juicy, but it was too small. *sobbing* To enjoy a pork bun, I need bigger pork belly. Please gimme bigger one. Please. Pretty please. *still sobbing* But, don’t worry, everybody has different capacity of tummy hahahaha


IPPUDO Hakata-Style Gyoza 37k

Classic IPPUDO pan fried pork dumplings, simply the best!

Another disappointment. I had to search the pork inside the dumpling. *sigh* And the skin of the dumpling was too dry for me. And too small. Why oh why.. They should make it bigger. My tummy needed a bigger dumpling!! LOL


Seared Salmon Roll with Mentaiko 78k

Lightly seared fresh salmon roll seasoned with delicious mentaiko and topped with cod roe.

Whoever made this roll.. God bless you!!! Best roll I’ve ever tried in my whole life. It’s small, true. But, tasted marvellous. It melted in your mouth. It’s like cotton candy in a salmon roll form. You must try this. Recommended!!! Believe me, you will come to IPPUDO only for this, again and again and again.

IMG_3599 IMG_3596

Strawberry Cruzz 30k

Refreshing strawberry in cool soda with a touch of mint

It’s literally a refreshing strawberry in a cool soda with a touch of mint. Hahaha. Drink this, you’re gonna cruzz!!


Chocolate Milkshake 40k

Creamy and delicious premium chocolate milkshake

We fought for this drink. I only ordered one. So, yeah, fighting!!! This chocolate milkshake was delicious. It was creamy and delicious, indeed. Not too sweet, but sweet enough for my nephews to fight each other for this milkshake. Yup, they’re fighting with me too hahahha..


Overall, I will come back to this place. Definitely. I miss the salmon roll.

Pacific Place 5th floor, unit 5.37
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
FB Fan Page: IPPUDO Indonesia
twitter: @ippudoIDN