Tempura Tendon Tenya Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

October 21st, 2014. I went to Tempura Tendon Tenya for the first time. Located in Level 3A at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, Tenya opened the 2nd outlet, replaced the place formerly a japanese casual pasta and cafe restaurant. I was surprised when I reached the location. Hmm.. how come I never realized it had already closed? Anyway, I was so happy that I could come to the place. I waited for my friend at another place, then I came to Tenya with him. Thanks dear for taking me there.

IMG_4667 IMG_4665 IMG_4668

The place was cozy enough to eat with family and friends. You can see the tables and seats were very comfortable.

IMG_4690 IMG_4674 IMG_4670 IMG_4671 IMG_4673

Let’s see the menu. What should I order for this late lunch?



Cold Ocha 10K

The cold ocha was very fresh. Love it. Taste good too. 🙂



All-Star Tendon 65k

Rice with all tempura on top: shrimp, squid, salmon, crab stick, baby corn and green beans.

I rarely eat tempura. So, when I know that they serve tempura, I was a little bit less confident about the taste. I told my friend, “We should share the tendon, coz tempura wasn’t really my thing.” They ordered All-Star Tendon for me. After one spoonfull, I never let the spoon out of my hand 😀 Sorry my friend, I think you should order for yourself. Hahaha. True, it’s so delicious I didn’t wanna share. The tempuras were crunchy and savoury. I ate them all. OMG!



Tempura Udon Cold Kakiage 70k

Choose your tempura platter, your noodle (udon or soba) hot or cold, and get your tsuyu soup with condiments.

Love the noodle, love the tempura. But I had to share with my friend. Why? Because my tummy was already full with the tendon. Huft. I totally forgot about the tempura noodle set. It didn’t cross my mind. *poke my tummy* *try to find empty spot in my tummy* *sigh.. so hard*

IMG_4706 IMG_4710


Jakarta Moriawase 40k

Moriawase = combination platter. Tempura platter: Cheese wrapped in nori, sweet potato, tempe and tofu.

OMG! Another tempura platter. Kyaaaaa.. I hate you Tenya, for making such a delicious tempura.. I really hate you. Err, actually, I don’t hate you. The one that hate you will be my purse hahaha.. I’ll be back, wait for me. I’ll be back.



Wakame Cucumber with Kani Salad 20K

This salad was very fresh. The wakame tasted so good. And I love Japanese cucumber, not smelly at all. The shredded crab stick added a lovely flavour in the salad. Recommended!

Wakame is a sea vegetable, or edible seaweed. It has a subtly sweet flavour and is most often served in soups and salads. Sea-farmers have grown wakame in Japan from the Nara period.

Kani salad is a Japanese salad that is primarily composed of imitation crab sticks. The “crab” is actually made up of white fish that is condensed into sticks and is quite a bit cheaper that actual crab meat. Kani salad is served in most Japanese restaurants with other ingredient such as cucumber, mango and panko, which is a crispy bread crumbs, and tends to be a bit spicy. The panko is typically sprinkled as a garnish just prior to serving so that it does not become too soggy. The dish is usually served cold.



Tempura Ice Cream 20K

Whoaaaa.. Now I had another favourite here. The tempura ice cream was fantastic. It consists of vanilla ice cream with banana tempura. The banana tempura was out-of-this-world delicious. The vanilla ice cream was outstanding. Believe me. I definitely should be back here. Ugh, drooling!!


Thank you so much Tenya for all delicious meal. I had so much fun. So did my tummy. See you soon. 😀 Btw, congrats for this 2nd outlet opening. Cannot wait to come to your 3rd outlet opening at Mal Taman Anggres. Ganbatte!!

Tenya Tempura Tendon
Grand Indonesia Level 3A
East Mall GD-1
Jl. MH. Thamrin
Phone: 0210-23580012
FB Fan Page: Tenya Indo
twitter: @TenyaIndo


Bootlegger’s Bloggers Dinner Bau-Haus 1933 The East Mega Kuningan Jakarta

October 15th, 2014. Have you heard about Bau-Haus 1933? They opened around April 2014, so we can say they’re still new.

Bau-Haus is a melting pot for design notions. Meticulously hand picked to create that personal and homey feeling to this opulent setting up.

We serve classic, old-school, hardcore cocktails made extremely well, with exceptional ingredients, in an elegant, but not ostentatious atmosphere. The skilled mixologist will blend the beverage of choice with selection of fresh syrups and bitters, pressed fruit and vegetable juices, spices and herbs to create individual drinks with the guests personal tastes in mind.

We also have an extensive selection of single malts, including rare, old, and exclusive single malts that only last a week in our vast bottle rack. We’re going to bring the good ol’days back, celebrate the essential age where bootleggers, speakeasies, and all sorts of black market going-ons defined the Prohibition era. Shouting everyone to party like it’s 1933.

We covered it all. Come dine, drinks, and party. And while you can’t actually spend the night, it’s a fine place to linger until last call.


Due to the ratification of the “21st amendment,” which ends the prohibition era, Bauhaus1933 discreetly invites you to one last bootlegger dinner. This is your one last chance to experience the dark hallway of bootleggers to taste our featured Menu as well as rare single malts and cocktails served discreetly in a speak easy manner.

Dress code: Think Gatsby, Al Capone, Flapper Dress, Fedoras, 1930s.

IMG_4295 IMG_4308 IMG_4313


Potato Tex-Mex 55k

In house potato cuts with cumin sour cream & tomato salsa dipping

These potato chips were amazingly delicious. The texture was crunchy. I thought it will be hard to chew but surprisingly it was very easy. I couldn’t stop munching this potato cuts. It tasted outstandingly scrumptious. It’s like dancing in my mouth.


Wing King 55k

Double fried chicken wings with tangy spicy glazed

It’s spicy. I only tried a bite. But, I could tell you that the chicken wing was tender and juicy. Savoury and tasty, I think I will recommend this menu to my friend who like chicken wings. She really loves chicken wings, I have no idea why. I, myself, prefer whole chicken.. *ok yen, don’t forget, it’s not okay to eat whole chicken, remember that..* Fhiuuuh, I am such a gourmand girl, right?

IMG_4340 IMG_4339

Crispy Tacos 95k

Fresh corn tortilla wraps with beef and chicken, served with fresh handmade guacamole, tomato salsa and cumin sour cream

I was so lucky I sat next to one of my besties. She’s the one that wrapped those beef and chicken and everything else into the tortilla. Yaaaay, thanks darling. All I needed was to open my mouth and ate the crispy tacos. Nom nom nom.


Tongue Delish 65k

Grilled beef tongue on mantao bun with cucumbers and hoisin glazed

I found the beef tongue a little bit chewy. I prefer more tender. The size was okay, not too big and not too small. But it was a nice starter. Tasted so good, I wanna eat the whole plate. I always love tongue. My mom used to cook for me, because I really like tongue. Errr.. is that why I’m so talkative? #randomthoughts


Chipotle Sliders 65k

AUS beef patties on mini buns with chili aioli, caramelized onions, and jack cheese shredded

I was screaming! Literally, screaming. “OHMAIGAT! This is so freaking delicious!!!” And all of my buddies agreed with me. It’s so small, it’s gone in a flash. But with one tremendous taste, you won’t be satisfied with one bun. I still can taste the savour of those sliders in my mouth. How could you Bau-Haus? Make me desperate like this. Huft..


Smoked Peppers Duck Breast 75k

Pan seared duck breast with raisins demi glace herbs, served with sage toast

This was a very pretty starter. Yup, we’re still in the starter area. Served in one long plate. The duck breast had a beautiful colour. The raisins demi glace herbs added a natural colour to the dish. What do you think about the taste? It’s well-seasoned. Delish.


Baltimore Crab Cakes 65k

Pan seared homemade crab cakes, served with mango salsa

This crab cake was savoury. Crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside. Me likey!!! Actually potato cake is my favourite food. So, everything in the form similar as potato cake, me likey!!! 🙂 This Baltimore Crab Cakes were one of my favourite starters here. Recommended!

A crab cake is a variety of fishcake which is popular in the United States composed of crab meat and various other ingredients, such as bread crumbs, milk, mayonnaise, eggs, and seasonings, particularly Old Bay seasoning. Occasionally other ingredients such as red or green peppers or sliced pimientos are added (and rarely, yellow onions). The cake is then sautéed, baked, grilled or, the most popular choice, broiled, and then served. Crab cakes are traditionally associated with the area surrounding the Chesapeake Bay, in particular the state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore.



Ramen Carbonara 85k

Classic crispy bacon carbonara over ramen noodles

This was the first time I ate ramen carbonara. It’s a very unique dish. I was very happy that I can taste the dish. I love ramen, I love carbonara. So, it’s my luck that I could eat ramen and carbonara in the same bowl 🙂 It’s great. Maybe some people will find it just okay, but for me, it’s spoiling my tongue.


L.O.B. (Lobsters On Burger) 110k

Homemade lobster patties on lemon tarragon mayo, served with freshly cut potato chips

Yaaaay.. huge burger.. yaaaay… *dancing in the air* And with lobsters.. OMG. What a nice burger to eat. See the patty? See? Can you imagine being the patty inside the buns? I think I cannot breath. So stuffy hahaha..


Grilled Rack of Lamb 195k

Rack of lamb on walnut crust over mint demi glace, served with butter grilled asparagus

Wow!! Tender meat!! It’s tender and juicy. I knew from the moment I saw the dish, it will be a delicious dish. Do you know what I love about this rack of lamb? The fatty meat. LOL. True, it was so juicy, I could die!!! Die. Die. Not Diet. Die. LOL.


Nasi Bauhaus 90k

Jasmine rice with ‘balado’ egg, ‘teri kacang’, pandan chicken, garlic spicy green beans, and crispy squid

This is definitely my choice. It’s actually “nasi uduk.” I really like the pandan chicken. But it tasted like chicken stew. Sweet and tender. The balado egg and the teri kacang were delicious too. And don’t forget the crispy squid. It’s so unique. Sometimes, they used chicken only, or with prawn. But, they used squid. Nice one.



Spiced Poached Pears 55k

Poached pears on herbs and spices, with homemade mille-feuille

Yaaay.. dessert.. Why dessert always served last? Huft.. But, it’s worth the wait!!! The poached pears was very palatable. I couldn’t stop eating that. Tasted sweet and beautiful in your mouth. I didn’t know what’s in it, but I was pretty sure, I was crazy in love with this dessert.


Coconut Chocolate De Pot 45k

Semi sorbet combination of chocolate and coconut with apple chips

This dessert was like a mousse with chocolate and coconut flavour. Delicious also. The texture was soft and moist. I was very happy. But my tummy was full, so I gave my friends the chance to finish it hahaha..



HAUS No.1 150k

A house specialty, mixing caramelized of cognac, cherry brandy and aromatic ume choya with a dash of chocolate bitters. Well-stirred and served on ice.

This cocktail was sweet but strong. I love the flavour of the cherry brandy. 🙂


Red Sorel 150k

Classic punch style with gin base and herb liquer combine with red tea spice saccharum and top with champagne

I like the way they served it. In a small pitcher, then poured it in the glass. A little bit bitter, but I love gin, so.. yeah.. like it. 😀

IMG_4375 IMG_4378

Al Capone 130k

Inspired from the most notorious gangster in American history “Al Capone” 1899-1947, the cocktail will remind to the untold story, serve single malt with vermouth and our homed angostura citrusy bitter syrup, stir up and serve chilled on the rock

Unique presentation. Wrapped in brown paper, served in a jar. Quite strong.

IMG_4366 IMG_4372

Kentucky 1920’s 130k

Fresh combination with honey whiskey, butterscotch liqueur, fresh lemon and classic bitters. And splash of absinthe on the top. Served with long shot glass, is kind of refreshing tropical cocktails.

Cute presentation. Served in long shot glass. Love the taste! Sweet from honey whiskey and butterscotch liqueur. Fix. My favourite!


Thanks Bau-Haus 1933 for the delicious dinner and the lovely cocktails. I know I will come back for more. Are you ready? Let’s party!!

Bau-Haus 1933
The East Plaza, Basement Floor
Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav. E3.2 No.1, Kuningan
South Jakarta
Phone: 021-29527173 / 021-29527174
FB Fan Page: Bauhaus Jakarta
twitter: @BauhausJakarta