Blacklisted Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Jakarta

I got bored! I wanna stay at home and do nothing. Just like I used to do. But, one statement from my husband, made me remember why I, in the first place, had my own blog. “Remember hon, you wanna be like Carrie Bradshaw, right?” And, I remember why I enjoy blogging. I wanna be like Carrie who can do her job in coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, and everywhere she wants. Just bring your own laptop. And, my heart soared. Yes, this is my dream job.

And, it inspired me to write about this. #wheretofindme 🙂 I will write mall by mall. Places where you can find me. My favourite spot, my favourite place to open my mac, write about reviews, chit chat with my best friends, and have fun!!

First mall, let me show you places I love at Ciputra World (LoVe).


Opened August 4th, 2013. Located at level 1 Ciputra World, Blacklisted is quite eye-catching with the exterior and interior. They use yellow and black colour combination. I love the place. All over it. Actually I have no idea, how many times I’ve been there. I also had my favourite corner there. And what I love about this place, all of the people there know me. So, yes, every time I went there, they greeted me with my name. Cool aight?

The Facade and Outside Seats

DSC_7319 IMG_1995 DSC_7318 IMG_1499

The Interiors

IMG_1501 IMG_5055 IMG_1504 IMG_1139 IMG_1996 IMG_1506 IMG_1978

#wheretofindme #myfavouritecorner

IMG_1997 IMG_1998

#thingsthatmakemehappy #yennymakanmulu

Tea in A Pot – English Breakfast 22k


Truffle Fries 35k


Tofu Nori 28k

homemade tofu rolled in seaweed and served with sweet and spicy soya sauce


Blacklisted Burger 69k

stack of 100% of ground australian beef patty, beef bacon, melted mozzarella and onion rings on homemade charcoal bun, served with coleslaw and potato wedges

IMG_2014 IMG_2009

Chicken Katsu 65k

with tonkatsu sauce, salad greens and choice of mashed potato or rice


Blacklisted Oxtail Fried Rice 65k

fragrant fried rice with oxtail, egg sunny-side up, relish with sambal


Ciputra World Lotte Shopping Avenue Level 1
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Jakarta Selatan 12940
FB Fan Page: Blacklisted Coffee
twitter: @blacklisted_ID