Spider Crab and Freshwater Crawfish with Garlic Pepper Sauce The Holy Crab Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta

June 27th, 2014.  The Holy Crab Jakarta was launching new menu and new sauce. They invited media people and bloggers to try the new menu and sauce. They asked me whether I wanna come on Friday or Saturday, for lunch or dinner. So I chose Friday lunch, and I was the only one blogger there hahaha.. Actually it was the third time I went there. I was so in love with their mud crab and shrimp and the sauce. Hmmm.. drooling..

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I really like their ambiance. They also made me feel at home with their hospitality. Err, yeah I had chance to take pictures because I came an hour earlier 😀 I love coming to a new place earlier, because I had chance to take pictures before it gets too crowded. Btw, they had 2 levels, and they asked me to go to level 2.

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I love their effort to decorate the table, so we could take beautiful pictures 🙂 They arranged the table for us with beautiful trinkets that remind me of the sea.

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This is the bib that we should wear while we eat. And, it’s so useful. I once ate with my friends. One of them hit the crab, and it flew to my head. Hahaha. It was hilarious. But it didn’t make my blouse dirty, thanks to the bib. So, you must wear it.


Spider Crab 65k / 100 gr

Spider Crab is very beautiful with the unique texture. It looks exotic and sexy, with bright orange body armour, complete with spiky studs and long skinny legs. The colour, especially. So tempting. Coming from the seabed continental of Europe, Spanish and French citizens usually ate this crab in their own local market.

How to open the spider crab properly? First, we separate the legs and claws from the body in a single round in the joints. Then, separate the body from the shell with your thumb. The shell will be filled with delicious brown flesh. After that we must remove the lungs first, commonly called dead man’s fingers. Then dig the white meat, this signifies that we have managed to open the crab well. Enjoy the crab!!

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Freshwater Crawfish 40k / 100 gr

Also known as lobster, shrimp, or crayfish, Freshwater Crawfish are crustaceans (water shelled creatures) physically resembling small lobsters. In general, they can be found nearby a freshwater creeks, as well as a large river which has a refuge and a hiding place from predators. The Holy Crab becomes a restaurant which serve Freshwater Crawfish, originating from Indonesia. Bred, cultured and harvested by local fishermen, this tiny lobster has a sweet flavor, soft and tender meat.

How do we open Freshwater Crawfish? First, we open the shell in the head. We should find the end of the back shell of the head. Then open it just like we’re removing a helmet. We separate the head from the body, then we straighten the body in a prone position. We press each side of the body until we hear the sound and feel the cracking. After that we place the meat in a reclining position, and we separate the cracked shell from the body. Finally, dip it into sauce.

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Garlic Pepper Sauce

R&D Division of The Holy Crab is always challenged to create a delicious herb seasoning for the next, a new spice seasoning that can rival the first creation, and that day has finally arrived. Coming from the kitchen of The Holy Crab, garlic pepper sauce has a simple and fun quality. The sauces highlight the quality of the seafood meat that makes it has an excellent flavour. Guests will be excited to see the fragrant colour transparent sauce in a plastic bag. The fragrant aroma from the new sauce fills the room, truly give it a feast for the eyes, nose and tongue.

Mud Crab 45k / 100 gr

This mud crab is so delicious. The meat is tender and juicy. To eat this mud crab, you need the right utensil. Don’t forget to prepare the hammer hahaha.. You will find yourself happily crash the crab with hammer LOL


Shrimp 28k / 100 gr

The shrimp is surely big. Smell good too. And of course, tasty and really juicy. I’m in love with their shrimp, honest!! Right now, I’m craving for the shrimp. Ugh, cannot wait to go there again..


Crispy Chicken Strips 45k and Cajun Fries 25k

These two snacks were my favourite. I love munching the snacks while eating the crab and shrimp hahaha.. Perfect for each other, right? They also has sweet corn, sausage, sweet potato fries, deep fried calamari, onion rings, and so on. Don’t forget to order the snacks, okay?


Thanks The Holy Crab for the delicious food. Cannot wait to crabbing again. See you soon.

The Holy Crab
Jalan Gunawarman No. 55
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta Selatan 12110
Phone: 021-29236155
FB Fan Page: The Holy Crab Jakarta
twitter: @theholycrabid

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