Kenny’s Baked Katsu @ Kenny Rogers ROASTERS

July 10th, 2014. Kenny Rogers Roasters is launching new menu which is called “Kenny’s Baked Katsu” with 2 new flavours drinks, “Choco Blaze” and “TeaBlast Mania.”

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Kenny’s Baked Katsu 68k

1/4 crispy Baked Katsu with home made marinated bread crumb and oat meal. Served with Crisp Garden Salad and aromatic rice. Don’t forget the famous home made muffin (choices of vanilla, chocolate raisin or banana raisin). And you still can ask for sauces to enhance the flavours, such as barbecue sauce, mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce. Actually this menu has their own chili sauce, but it was so spicy, my friends told me not to try the chili sauce. That’s why we can ask for other sauces 😀

IMG_4812 IMG_4813 IMG_4815

Choco Blaze 35k

Rich chocolaty milk with pearls and jelly bites

It’s all about chocolate. If you like chocolate milk with pearls and jelly, you will love this drink. The chocolate was sweet and delicious. Except for the pearls hahaha.. I don’t like pearls, I dunno why.


TeaBlast Mania 35k

Refreshing citrus tea with pearls and jelly bites

It’s really refreshing. I love this drink. The citrus tea is so enchanting. The combination lemon and orange flavours were so perfect for these days weather. I finished this drink in a second, except for the pearls hahaha..


Thanks Kenny Rogers Roasters for the lovely gathering. See you in the next event.

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