[EVENT] Magical Ramadan Cold Stone Creamery Senayan City Jakarta

June 27th, 2014. Cold Stone Creamery proudly presents Seasonal Ice Cream Cakes, since 20th June to 31st July 2014. Just order 3 days before the delivery day. Well, ice cream is one of those things that will make your life good. When you feel blue, you just need to eat ice cream. Then you will be happier.

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How good is our ice cream? Well, let’s just say that on a scale of 1 to 10, we’re somewhere around an 11.5. But we’re about more than just serving up amazing ice cream. We like to think we’re really in the business of making people happy…


Mubarak Festival

Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Oreo, luxuriously covered with elaborately designed coloured chocolate ganache

This ice cream cake was sweet. They used oreo as the main ingredients. It was silky smooth, purely decadent, and so delicious. The blue coloured made the cake looks so pretty. The mosque pictures that covered the cake was very elegant. Love the design.


Ramadan Miracle

Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream with dark chocolate shavings, covered with elegant purple chocolate ganache with fruit and cream topping

This is even more prettier, because I love purple. And the flavour was delicious because it was dark chocolate. Always my favourite. The decadent chocolate ice cream was rich and creamy. Behind the cute colour, there’s an exquisite flavour. The fruit made it look fresh and tempting. Let’s dig it 🙂

IMG_4515 IMG_4518

Chocolate Eid

Glorious Coffee Ice Cream with sliced almonds and caramel sauce with dark and white chocolate coating nestled with ketupat icing fondant and fruits

Ice cream with coffee flavours never failed anyone. The beautiful ketupat was so eye-catching. The dark and white coating were so adorable, it’s so hard for me to eat the cute things. The sweet from caramel sauce and the bitter from coffee and dark chocolate was a great combination.

IMG_4520 IMG_4525

Thanks Cold Stone for include me in this event.

Cold Stone Creamery
Senayan City
Lower Ground Floor Unit. L-26
Jl.Asia Afrika L.19, Jakarta
Phone: 021-72781404
FB Fan Page: Cold Stone Creamery Indonesia
twitter: @ColdStoneIndo

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