Kyochon’s 3rd Outlet Gandaria City Jakarta

April 1st, 2014. After their first and second outlet in Pacific Place and Kota Kasablanka, Kyochon opened their 3rd outlet in Gandaria City.

Kyochon F&B Co., Ltd. (Hangul: 교촌; hanja: 橋村) is a South Korean fried chicken restaurant chain. Founded in 1991, Kyochon is one of the largest Korean fried chicken restaurants in South Korea. Kyochon operates some restaurants in the United States. Kyochon has its head office in Osan, Gyeongi-do.

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They had dance performance on the opening event. It was a really exciting moment. They decorated the place with balloons hohoho.. I hate balloons.. Good thing, the balloons were not moving around 😀

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When I arrived, the media people occupied the place, so I had to sit outside. The outlet was not huge but comfortable.

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Double-fried in canola oil, 100% trans fat free to a perfect crisp, then individually brushed with your choice of signature soy garlic sauce, hot sweet sauce and honey sauce.

Original Series 35k (2 pcs) – 67k (4 pcs) – 97k (6 pcs)

The Original series has the the famous soy-garlic taste Korean fried chicken. It was finger-licking good. The crispiness was fantastic. The delicate, crackly crust was the result we should had in the chicken. Amahzing!!!


Red Series 35k (2 pcs) – 67k (4 pcs) – 97k (6 pcs)

The Red series are for the spicy-loving crowd. Errr, for those who love spicy fried chicken, should eat this. It’s so freaking HOT!!! The enduring hot and sweet sauce, made this fried chicken superb.


Honey Series 37k (2 pcs) – 70k (4 pcs) – 102k (6 pcs)

Love it! This Honey series features sweet and honey-glazed chicken. This was beyond compare. I ate one, and two, and three, and I just lose count. Hihihi.. So delicious, I forgot I ate how many of them 😀


Mandarin Chicken Salad 47k

Fresh tossed lettuce with chicory greens and baby tomatoes.

This salad was served with grilled chicken. What a healthy meal and it was good for those on a diet. It created a tangy fruitness for a light and refreshing treat. Try this one, and you won’t be disappointed.


Soy Salsal Salad 57k (4 pcs) – 95 ( 8 pcs)

Chicken breast strips dipped in our special batter, coated with puffed rice bits and breadcrumbs and fried to a golden crisp. The chicken strips make every bite an intensely crunchy experience.

When I saw this salad, I thought, “Wow, a bed made by chicken. So happy if I could sleep on top of it hahahaha.” Actually, below the bed of chicken, there were lettuce, green onions and alfalfa leaves. Hmmm, it was very mouthwatering for me because I really love salad hihihi..


Enjoy our chicken with fried rice, egg and fresh salad.

Grilled Skewers Rice 69k

It was fried rice with grilled skewers, salad and sunny side-up. The taste wasn’t so special. But I love sunny side-up. So everything came with sunny side-up, me likey hihihi..


Galbi Chicken Steak with Kimchi Fried Rice 69k

D’oh.. Galbi Chicken Steak.. This was the best!!! Outstanding! The kimchi fried rice was not my favorite because kimchi was spicy and sour. But the galbi chicken steak was very addicting. I wished I sat next to the table hahaha so I didn’t have to back and forth to take the galbi chicken steak over and over again LOL


Potato Wedges 24k

Actually, the appearance was not bombastic. But when you put in your mouth, you’ll be amazed by the nicely crisp crust. It was not dry like any other potato wedges. It was soft and tender. Not too oily. Some restaurants won’t care about the texture of their potato wedges. But Kyochon was very concerned about the taste and the flavour.


Again, congratulations Kyochon for your 3rd outlet, hope you will open more and more outlets.

Gandaria City
Mainstreet Level UG 29-30
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
South Jakarta
Phone: 021-29236448
FB Fan Page: Kyochon Indonesia
twitter: @kyochon_id