White Chocolate Matcha Chocolixir Godiva Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

April 24th, 2014. My goodness, a month. Hope I’m not too late for introducing this new flavour to you all. This new flavour was limited edition until end of June or mid of July, if the powder is still available.

GODIVA is adding the limited Matcha flavors to the original Chocolixir flavors: Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Decadence and Milk Chocolate Decadence for Spring Summer 2014. Topped with a vanilla cream and Japanese Matcha powder, the perfect combination of bitter taste and white chocolate delivers a smooth and sweet texture. Experience the revitalizing effect of the refreshing and velvety chocolixir melts in your mouth, the deliciously complex aroma lingers. You can almost feel the icy feeling penetrate through your body for every sip you take. This fresh green is sending you summer breeze in this hot weather.

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Set my foot again in this lovely place, reminded me a year ago, end of August 2013, when I went to Godiva for the first time and they presented Chocolixcir collections. Now, they had new flavour for the Chocolixir.

White Chocolate Matcha Chocolixir 70k

White chocolate is a chocolate derivative. It commonly consists of cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids, and is characterized by a pale yellow or ivory appearance. The melting point of cocoa butter, its primary cocoa bean component, is high enough to keep white chocolate solid at room temperature.

Matcha, also spelled maccha, refers to finely milled or fine powder green tea.

White chocolate is very sweet. First, I thought the taste will be supersweet with earthy flavour from the matcha. But, when I sipped for the first time, I could feel the luxury in my mouth and I could hear a blast in my head. It’s spoiling my tongue. I was melting, literally. Turns out, it’s not too sweet at all. It’s sweet indeed, but mixed perfectly with the matcha. Obviously will be favourite.

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They also have new Truffe flavours with the price 300k / 100 gr

Truffe Mousse Vanille Miel

Wildflower honey infused ganache combined with light vanilla mousse, covered in dark chocolate and rolled in creamy white chocolate flakes.

This was too sweet for me. Maybe because it’s honey with vanilla mousse and white chocolate flakes. But, still I could taste the dark chocolate in it. Well, some people will definitely made this their favourite, trust me.

IMG_1900 IMG_1892

Truffe Praliné Brésilienne

Their signature hazelnut praliné coated in smooth milk chocolate and rolled in crispy caramelized hazelnuts.

I was in love!!! When the hazelnut praliné touched my tongue, it’s like first love. I could hear my pounding heart. I could feel my blushing face. I could see my trembling hands. Yes, I was in love.. with this truffe. The sweetness was really lovely. Hazelnut never failed me. Exaggerating? Not really. Try it by yourself. You will know what I meant.

IMG_1906 IMG_1897

Truffe Mousse Matcha

Exotic Matcha tea mousse, covered in milk and dark chocolate, then rolled in Japanese Matcha powder.

For those who are in love with matcha, should try this. Yup, this is only for super fanatics matcha lovers. For me? Too much.

IMG_1904 IMG_1899

Below, 2 out of 5 of the Truffe were sold out when I came, so I couldn’t show you the pictures

Truffe Caramel Salé

An intriguing blend of rich liquid caramel and sel de Guérande, covered in both milk and dark chocolate and topped with dark chocolate silvers.

Truffe Speculoos

Cinnamon Speculoos biscuit mousse surrounded by smooth milk chocolate and covered with a Speculoos biscuit crunch.

I also tried their other chocolate. Dark chocolate, but not too bitter.


Thanks Godiva for welcoming me again and again. Love your biscuits too 🙂


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