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March 12th, 2014. I went to Pullman Jakarta Indonesia at Thamrin area. I remember that spot was previously President Hotel, then changed to Nikko Hotel, and now Pullman. That night I planned to fill my tummy with delicious food from Sana Sini, where esquisite tastes mingle. I’ve already heard about this restaurant from my fellow bloggers. So, why Sana Sini?

Drawing inspiration from the Indonesian phrase ‘Sana –Sini’, which means ‘here and there’, Pullman Jakarta Indonesia offers you an unrivalled culinary excursion into the different corners of Europe and Asia through 4 individually designed spacious counters. Casually eat your way through different continents and hop across live cooking stations, as we serve up both all-day buffet and A la Carte, surrounded by contemporary décor. Complement your dining experience with an extensive wine list from Vinoteca – a global Pullman concept and a seductive selection of sweets from the bakery.

English version for Sana Sini is here and there. It means like this, when you enter the restaurant, you will see delicious food from Indonesia, China, Japan and Western. You will find them here, there and everywhere. That’s why they chose the name Sana Sini 🙂


Our Executive Chef Frank Ziegler leads a team of talented chefs to deliver our guest with an unforgettable experience.

Frank Ziegler – Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Executive Chef

He started cooking when he started waking. At first he was helping his parents and grandparents to cook but quickly started working with renowned chefs such as Chef Pascal Chubnel (one Michelin star) and Marc and Paul Haeberlin ( three Michelin stars) in Alsace France. He then went and worked in Ex-Yougoslavia, United States, China, Thailand, India and finally Indonesia.

Shuichi Osawa – Sana Sini Japanese Chef

After graduating from the School of Cooking Shinjuku Tokyo, Chef Shuichi Osawa worked for many years in five stars hotels and French fusion restaurants in Japan. He travelled the world and realized that he needed to reconnect with his Japanese identity and decided to become a specialized Japanese Cuisine Chef.

Heri Purnama – Sana Sini Executive Sous Chef

Having started in Jakarta as Cook, Chef Heri spent a few years working in Jakarta in various hotels and restaurants. He then decided to explore the world and went to Singapore, Maldives, United States and the United Kingdom. All these experiences brought him thorough knowledge of the art of cooking and he know is Sana Sini Executive Sous Chef.



I won’t tell you much with words. Just show you the pictures. I love the interior there. Simple but classy.

DSC_3502 IMG_9660 IMG_9645 IMG_9644 IMG_9649

Complimentary Bread

The appearance of the bread was different. It looked like a reef. Looked hard but surprisingly not that hard. Hihihi.. Taste good 🙂


The Ultimate Smoothie Collections

Healthy choices

Vitamins, wake up! 55k

cinnamon that will stimulate the subtle apple energised by the vitamin C of the red fruit; to start well the day.



Childhood 55k

remember the taste, banana, strawberry, marshmallow, cream, still on us..


Too good to be true 55k

banana, peanut butter, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.


Western Food Section

This is the section where food is from Mediterranean. There were so many food, from salad to steak. You will find Tuna with lemon cream sauce, Braised chicken, Linguini salmon cream etc.

DSC_3444  IMG_9646

Grilled U.S. Beef tenderloin “churrasco” 200 gr 365k

Herb – parmesan fries, shallot confit, “chimichurri” sauce.


Pizza Diavola 110k

Beef pepperoni, chilli flakes, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella.


Chinese Food Section

This is the section of chinese food. From dim sum to roast duck. Too bad, I forgot to try the dim sum huhuhuhu.. But, I know the dim sum were very delicious. I tried it before 🙂 They had wonton noodle soup, handmade noodles, seafood, beef and poultry, and vegetarian. The La Mian was very yummy. Love it. I like the seafood too. Prawns with sweet and sour sauce.

DSC_3445 IMG_9647 IMG_9655 IMG_9698 IMG_9699 IMG_9697 IMG_9726 IMG_9724IMG_9727

Japanese Food Section

This is the section where you can find Japanese food such as sushi and sashimi, robatayaki set, donburi bowl, noodles and soup. I always love sashimi, especially salmon sashimi. Hmmm.. drooling..

DSC_3446 IMG_9650 IMG_9653 IMG_9691 IMG_9689 IMG_9695 IMG_9690

Indonesian Food Section

This is the section where you can find any Indonesian food, from satay to tumpeng. And I found a table with many kind of “sambals.” So scary hahahaha not only one sambal, but nine. Sambal kemangi, sambal cabe ijo,  sambal dabu-dabu, sambal bajak, sambal colo-colo, sambal kacang,  sambal matah, sambal tomat and sambal mangga. Wow, right? Hihihi.. They had ayam bakar, pepes ikan, soto ayam, sop buntut, mie goreng jawa, nasi campur sana sini, pisang goreng and fruit platter.

DSC_3447 IMG_9713 IMG_9725 IMG_9715

Wine Section

Vinoteca wine by Pullman is a new technology that keep the wines fresh longer than usual storage. It’s a real wine-tasting experience, with a large selection of wines served by the glass.

DSC_3442 IMG_9663

Dessert Section

It was a section where desserts were all over the place. There was a cheese section too. You could find many kind of cheese. There were gelato, sorbet and cakes. Lovely section, indeed.

IMG_9696 DSC_3499 IMG_9704 IMG_9741

Wow, what a wonderful experience!! It’s like I was in wonder-foof-land 🙂 I left Sana Sini with happy face and happy tummy. Thanks Sana Sini by Pullman. You’ve made my day!!

Sana Sini by Pullman
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
Jakarta Pusat 1035
Phone: 021-31921111
FB Fan Page: Sana Sini Pullman
twitter: @SanaSiniPullman

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