LIN Artisan Ice Cream Taman Kemang Jakarta

March 10th, 2014. I went to a place where every kids will love it and every adults will hate it. Why? Kids love it because the place was filled with gelato and sorbet, and it will be heaven for them. Adults hate it because sometimes it’s hard for them to admit that they really love a place full of gelato and sorbet. Hahahaha. It’s a love and hate relationships. 😀


LIN Artisan Ice Cream. A place full of love and hate.. err.. I mean, full of gelato and sorbet.. hihihi.. In this visit, finally I met Astrid, the beautiful owner. She was very nice and friendly. She said that LIN was launching 3 new flavours. And she made us the gelato 🙂


While waiting for the gelatos, I took the time taking pictures. Turned out I really missed the place 😀

IMG_9485 IMG_9459 IMG_9463 IMG_9461 IMG_9474 IMG_9460

They served waffle, nugget, french fries, to accompany the gelato and sorbet. They were all very yummy. I really like them all because sometimes a place that serve gelato and sorbet didn’t care about the taste of other food. At LIN, they give the best 🙂

IMG_9517 IMG_9516 IMG_9512 DSC_3260

The Nutella Gelato with Crunchy Biscuits

I like this gelato. Well.. it’s nutella. Nutella!! What could go wrong? And you know what’s inside it? The crunchy biscuits? Yes!! Yes!! It’s Marie Regal. My favourite too. So, are you ready to try it?


Pure Vanilla Gelato with Mocha Roti Jadoel

Vanilla isn’t my favourite gelato. But this vanilla gelato from LIN was delish!! The mocha roti jadoel made it perfect. Reminds me of my childhood huhuhuhu..


Cookies and Cream

This is the 3rd flavour. Cookies and cream flavour usually my less favourite but LIN made this very yummy. Irresistible!!


After that, Astrid offered to make another gelato and sorbet.

Tangy Mandarin Orange

I like the flavour. It was so strong. It’s like you eat orange directly. It’s a combination of sweet, sour and fresh. I still can feel the tangy flavour in my mouth.


Milo Dinosaurs

I wondered what’s the taste of this gelato. I love milo dinosaurs in drinks. But in shape of gelato? Even more delicious. The chocolate taste was so dark, you will be amazed.


Thanks to Astrid and her staffs. LIN Ice Cream is still the best for me.

LIN Artisan Ice Cream
Jl. Taman Kemang 1 No. 6
Jakarta 12730
Telp: 021-71794393
FB Fan Page: LIN Artisan
twitter: @linicecream