Sealicious, The First Online Cooking Class

March 5th, 2014. Fiesta Seafood, from PT Central Proteinaprima Tbk, launched a cooking class. It was the First Online Cooking Class, called Sealicious. Why they had to hold an event like this? In a survey they made for women with age range between 25 to 45 in 5 big cities in Indonesia, they found out that 9 of 10 women wanted to learn to cook and be good at that. But nowadays everybody wanna live a practical life. Cooking became a hard thing to do. But for some people, cooking is fun. So, Fiesta Seafood invited all of you to learn to cook in a first online cooking class.

logo + tagline FIESTA SEAFOOD IMG_8546

Based on the survey, there were 3 reasons why we don’t like to cook. First, lack of time due to daily activities. Second, no knowledge in terms of food processing. Third, lack of motivation and support to encourage us. Because of those reasons, Fiesta Seafood comes with an innovative solution. Cooking class is very common, but online cooking class is the first time in Indonesia. With Chef Arnold Poernomo, Chef Winnie Kusumawardhani and Chef William Gozali, Sealicious engaged us to cook. Sealicious provides easy access, so we can learn to cook everywhere.

Novita Angie, Anna Wibowo, Chef Arnold IMG_8531

Why online? Because now we are all mobile. We have gadgets. We could open online website whenever we want and everywhere. Fiesta Seafood wanted everybody to have chances taking courses with chef like Chef William Gozali and Chef Winnie Kusumawardhani as their trainer. This cooking class could be accessed from desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

I came to their launching. I was so happy that finally met Chef Arnold. He’s so famous. He’s a jury from Master Chef Indonesia hahaha.. Also there’s Novita Angie. She’s very pretty 🙂 And Anna Wibowo as Brand Manager Fiesta Seafood.

DSC_3041 Chef Arnold- Brand Ambassador Fiesta Seafood 2 Chef Arnold - Brand Ambassador Fiesta Seafood 1 IMG_8539 Novita Angie- Selebriti Anna Wibowo - Brand Manager Fiesta Seafood

At the event, they served food from Fiesta Seafood. I tried the food and I liked it 🙂

IMG_8526 IMG_8520

They also decorated the place with a nice kitchen. Cool, rite?

IMG_8547 IMG_8541 IMG_8540

Sealicious is having a cooking online competition in Indonesia. You just need to register then you are included in the competition. The winner will win a trip to Singapore. So, just register. Who knows you will be the winner.