[BALI] In Love with Cuca

March 21st, 2014. Finally. Cuca. After almost a year, I set my foot there. 10 months. OMG! On May 2013, they held an event in Jakarta. You can read it HERE 🙂 And I promised Virginia and Kevin that someday we will come to Cuca. So, after I bought ticket to Bali, I emailed Virginia (who keeps inviting me to come to Cuca hihihi) that we will come to Bali, and the first restaurant that we visit definitely Cuca. So, on that Friday, we took a cab from The Atanaya. Lucky for us, the driver knew the place. I told him that it was next to Kayumanis Private Villa and Spa. And, I was so happy when I saw Cuca. Hai Cuca!! 🙂 I was in love with you, at the first sight. Then the lovely couple came with smile on their faces. “Virginia! Kevin! Long time no see!!” And we hugged each other. Miss you both so much.

DSC_0060 DSC_0062

Cuca is divided into 2 areas. Outdoor and indoor. At the outdoor area, which they call it Garden Lounge and Cocktail Bar, you will find a huge area as I will show you the pictures below.

A chilled out space gently touched by the ocean breeze and surrounded by the undisturbed beauty of nature. Among towering coconut trees, Cuca lounge tempts you to let the hours pass by while sipping well-crafted cocktails, sharing delicious tapas and tasting distinctive desserts. Feel free to choose between our comfy lounge sofas or our proper dining tables.

DSC_0064 IMG_9978 IMG_9980 IMG_9981 IMG_9982 IMG_9983

After that, we came in to indoor area, which includes Dining Room, Food Bar and Chef’s Table 🙂

DSC_0129 DSC_0124

Dining Room is a relaxed and intimate space ideal for guests to enjoy the company of each other. Spacious tables amid floating curtains provide casual privacy while still conveying the mood of the natural surroundings of our coconut grove. I really like the dining room. The room is very spacious and comfortable with large windows. I can imagine when it’s full, it still looks good and cozy with a breathtaking view of the outside 🙂


They have Chef’s Table too. It’s a table in the dining room, but with a kitchen view, so you still can see the chef working in the kitchen 🙂


Food Bar is an interactive and exciting space where wooden chairs run along one impressive 8-meter-long teak counter. Slightly elevated, guests directly face the open kitchen, as if they were front-row spectators attending a performance. Action takes over while dishes are crafted before their eyes and chefs interact and serve the guests directly. The show is guaranteed. Sit back and enjoy.

We sat at this Food Bar, so we could enjoy Kevin’s work directly from our seat and had a nice interactive session with him hahaha.. Kevin showed us the menu and he explained one by one. He told us about the favorite one. So, we chose everything we like and let Kevin did the magic.

IMG_9990 IMG_9991

I really like the way they set the table. They put every table with a beautiful sunflower. It’s Virginia’s favorite flower. It melted my heart when I saw it. Kevin’s love for Virginia was all over the place.

IMG_9986 IMG_9989 IMG_9992 IMG_0033

But, the latest thing in Cuca was a gift from Richard North-Lewis. They told me that I was the first one who post about it in social media hahaha.. Cool..

IMG_9984 IMG_9985

We waited while enjoying our drinks.

DSC_0087 IMG_0011 IMG_0021

tokyo mojito 50k

fresh citrus, soda, lemon balm. This is the best mojito I’ve ever tried. I really like the taste and I found out that it’s Virginia’s favourite. She told me that she loved it. Yeah, Virginia, me too!! The fresh citrus is very fresh. Citrus fruit has been cultivated in an ever-widening area since ancient times; the best-known examples are the oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and limes. Lemon balm is often used as a flavouring in ice cream and herbal teas, both hot and iced, often in combination with other herbs such as spearmint.

IMG_9993 IMG_9996

iced rosé 50k

hibiscus ice, wild honey, lemongrass. I like it, but I prefer tokyo mojito of course. Hibiscus is well known as rose mallow. Drinks with hibiscus are well known for its color, tanginess and flavour. The taste was very unique. 🙂

IMG_9994 IMG_0003

green tea 35k

I love green tea. Usually cold, but because already ordered the cocktail, I thought I tried the hot tea.


Cotton Betutu

This was a complimentary. Usually we eat cotton candy. But this time, we ate cotton betutu. Betutu is a Balinese dish of steamed or roasted chicken or duck. It was delicious. Melted in my mouth. OMG!! Last year when Kevin and Virginia came to Jakarta, they brought the Popcorn Betutu. It was very good. But this cotton betutu was the best!!! We want more! We want more! Hihihi


This is Kevin, ready to do the magic.


Fascinating snacks meant to be combined to form the meal of your dreams: delicious, diverse and affordable. Our ‘world tapas’ come in distinctive western categories that embrace the best and freshest local ingredients. Available at any time of the day, they are designed to be shared as food is always tastier when enjoyed in good company!

honey baked pumpkin salad 60k

creamy yoghurt, wing bean, coconut granola, tarragon. Actually we don’t really like pumpkin, but we wanted to try this menu. It was good, but not my favourite. Granola is a breakfast food and snack food, popular in the Americas, consisting of rolled oats, nuts, honey, and sometimes puffed rice, that is usually baked until crisp. Tarragon is one of the four fines herbes of French cooking, and is particularly suitable for chicken, fish and egg dishes.


crispy fried chicken 70k

wild honey, country coleslaw, sesame dust, asian basil. This was definitely our favourite. I literally fought over this menu with my hubby hahaha.. It was a great combination between sweet and sour. The sesame dust and asian basil added the unique taste to this crispy fried chicken.

DSC_0092 IMG_0015

succulent pork chicha 80k

fresh apple, east bali cashew, peppermint. This was very delicious. The texture of the pork was very tender. It’s like burger patty. It was served with organic rice. Yummy.

DSC_0098  IMG_0019

mushroom puddles 60k

mixed organic balinese rice, crushed peanut, pumpkin, sage. We had to mix the rice with the mushroom. It looked not really tantalizing, but turned out it was very delicious!!! The mushroom was very tasty and juicy. Love it.


bali breakfast 80k

sweet runny mango, frozen passion fruit, whipped coconut. I was really curious about this dessert because I think everybody already tried this. Also, mango and passion fruit are my favourites. bali breakfast was very famous!!! I tried it and wasn’t sorry at all. Delicious. So fresh, sweet and really made me craving for more..

IMG_0029 DSC_0104

We were surprised when Kevin lighted the candle. OMG! He lighted it and asked my hubby to make a wish and blow the candle. Yaaaay. And, we were touched when we saw the birthday card.


Thanks Kevin and Virginia for the birthday surprise. Thank you so much. We really enjoy our day. Love you both. See you again!!


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