Kitchenette Senayan City Jakarta

February 3rd, 2014. I went to Kitchenette with fellow bloggers. Kitchenette was launching its newest creations featuring new, delicious, innovative items made fresh daily by their chefs.


Kitchenette is a heart-warming concept from Ismaya Group, where you are the heart and soul of our kitchen. Kitchenette is now open to serve you home-cooked goodness, great coffee, and various fresh off-the-kitchen comfort foods. The beasic premise behind Kitchenette’s concept is to create a social space, in form of a restaurant/cafe that portrays the experience of dining inside a kitchen of a friend whose family members love to cook. The design of the space is full of kitchen cabinet, kitchen equipment, and kitchen accessories, integrated with a bit of ‘structured messiness.’ The space is also cozy, ‘homey,’ and casual. It portrays the friendly atmosphere that you feel when entering a friend’s house/kitchen. This concept works throughout the day – from brunch and all throughout lunch, afternoon tea, dinner to late night social drinks.

Curious? Let me show you their environment and ambiance. Hope my pictures will tell you the story exactly like they are suppose to be.

IMG_6736 DSC_1613 DSC_1612 DSC_1617 DSC_1618

I love their creativity to decorate the place. It’s like the kitchen that always appear in my dreams. A beautiful and perfect kitchen with little pretty things and lovely details. I really wanna a kitchen like this. OMG! Actually my dream home is like a home in the middle of prairie, where I can see the prairie from my kitchen windows, and I can run around whenever I want before I go to my farm. Hahahaha.. Is it my dreams or is it from that game #HayDay hmmm.. LOL

IMG_6840IMG_6767 IMG_6758 IMG_6751 IMG_6755 IMG_6820 IMG_6800 IMG_6777 IMG_6741 IMG_6839 IMG_6833 IMG_6837

Now let me show you the new creations, okay?


baja fried fish tacos with avocado & homemade salsa 75k

I liked the baja fried fish, but for me the tacos a little bit too plain. Maybe I had to dip it more avocado and homemade salsa. The fish was tasty, beyond my expectations. 🙂

IMG_6854 IMG_6883

chicken dobladitas 69k

shredded chicken flour tortillas with green chilli sauce. Dobladitas is derived from the Spanish word doblada, which means bent or folded. I love the shredded chicken. It was very yummy.



southern fried chicken & waffles with chilli butter & maple syrup 89k

The combination of fried chicken and waffles might seem confusing, mind-boggling and weird-sounding, but the creation is actually a glorious combo. It’s a union of soft-crunchy-juicy, sweet-salty-spicy all in one bite. It is insanely delicious. Sorry to say, but I didn’t like this combination between barbeque sauce, chilli butter and maple syrup. Not my kind of food, I guess. I prefer to eat them separately. The fried chicken was yummy, and the maple syrup was delish. But for me, yes, eat separately. 🙂


grandma’s chicken caserole with creamy white wine sauce 110k

A perfect pairing of chicken and wine. This was my favorite, I guess. But too bad, I could’t taste the white wine from the sauce. A little bit more white wine couldn’t hurt me hihihi



rocky-road “Flourless” cake 49k

This rocky-road was very unique. It was flourless. No flour at all. I thought at first, the concept of a flourless cake seems ridiculous. How come you make a cake without flour? Hihihi..  Yes, you can 🙂 When you ate it for the first time, the taste was just okay. But after a couple of time, you try it again, it gets better. It was a little gooey, but in a good way.


chocolate peanut butter lava cake 69k

I don’t know why, but I like peanut butter taste in this chocolate lava cake 🙂  The chocolate lava itself was a little bit too dilute. The cake actually was pretty good, but maybe they could make it more dense.


rustic chocolate strawberry cake 59k

This cake looked quite cute, but I don’t really like strawberry mix with chocolate. It’s just didn’t feel right. But the texture was good.


homemade Italian profiteroles 49k

A profiterole, cream puff or choux à la crème is a French Dessert choux pastry ball filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, or ice cream; custard can also be substituted as a filling. The puffs may be decorated or left plain or garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel, or a dusting of powdered sugar. This was very delicious. The profiterole was perfect. The cream was delicious. You will find yourself licking all over your fingers because you don’t wanna let the cream wasted. 🙂



strawberry gingerbread 45k

An unusual twist on this frappe! For sure an eye-catcher. The flavors come together so well. Just imagine a gingerbred flavour mix with strawberry fruit. Amazing..


chocolate brownie 45k

The taste of this frappe was okay. But I expect more from this frappe. I think it’s not enough brownie in the frappe. Should be more brownie. 🙂


orange creamsicle 45k

This is the best frappe for me 🙂 The combination between orange and creamsicle was bombastic. So creamy and scrumptious. And the looks.. so tantalizing!! I was totally in love with this one 🙂


red velvet 45k

I never like red velvet cake. But for frappe, I think it’s better. Still not my favorite, but for some reason, it was good.


After the new menu tasting, we had our chance to try another menu. So we picked 2 creations from the menu.

charcoal grilled marinated octopus with Spanish paprika potatoes 90k

This is very good. Delicious. The octopus was perfect. Say no more! Just order!!!


the maid’s nasi goreng with spicy seafood, fried egg and chicken satay 85k

My friends asked for not spicy one, because they know me so well. I love rice, and i love no spicy food. Thanks guys. *group hugs* 🙂 I like this menu because they made the egg just like the way i love, sunny side-up 😀


Thanks Kitchenette for making this gathering. Hope we’ll see you again in the next event.

Senayan City Ground Floor G-46
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021-29329250 / 021-29329252
FB Fan Page: Kitchenette
twitter: @K1TCHENETTE