Kenny’s Teriyaki Chicken Kenny Rogers Roasters Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

January 30th, 2014. Octa and I went to Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) at Kota Kasablanka. They launched new menu and new beverages for celebrate this festive season, Chinese New Year 2014, since January 27th to March 16th, 2014. We met some familiar faces. I told you before that I always like to go to KRR’s events. They are very welcome and friendly. It’s like we’ve known each other for a long time 🙂


While they prepared the menu, I took a chance to take pictures. I’ve been there a couple times before, but never took a chance to explore their place hehehe..

DSC_1388 IMG_6393 IMG_6404 IMG_6408

Kenny’s Teriyaki Chicken 65k

Baked chicken whole leg marinated in special teriyaki sauce with herbs and spices, served with Mushroom Chicken Soup, Aromatic Rice and a Kenny’s Home-made Muffin. The cooking process was a little bit different because they wrapped the chicken using teriyaki sauce. They served the chicken still with the wrapped paper. I was a little affraid. What if I accidentally eat the paper??? OMG!! But then, they said it was okay. Safe for your stomach. But you don’t have to eat that hahahahaha..

IMG_6429 IMG_6435

Tropical Paradise 33k

A tropical flavour mix of orange & pineapple with a splash of strawberry. I love it. Sweet and tangy flavour from the fruits will make you addicted to this beverage.


Grappy Blast 33k

A mix of honey citrus and grape blend together to make a fresh flavour. Another addicted beverage from Kenny Rogers Roasters. The honey citrus is really unique. You should try it yourself to tell the taste.


Kenny’s Chicken Porridge 25k

Dip your spoon into the NEW addition of delicious chicken porridge from KRR. An Indonesian favourite with silky smooth porridge, delicious rottiserie-roasted chicken chunks, garnish with crunchy croutons, shredded carrot, zesty ginger and a sprinkle of fresh spring onions. It’s a mouthwatering, heartwarming, deeply satisfying dish to lift you up after a long day.


Thank you Kenny Rogers Roasters for making my day with your delicious food and beverages. Always my favorite!!!

Kenny Rogers Roasters
Kota Kasablanka Mall
LG Fl Unit 17 – 17 A
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav 88
FB FanPage: Kenny Rogers Roasters
twitter: @kennyrogersID