7th Anniversary SendokGarpu Eatology Sabang Jakarta

December 7th, 2013. I got invitation to join SendokGarpu Sweet 7th Anniversary. Actually a month ago, they asked me whether I can go or not if they invite me to the event. And I said, “Of course I will come.” But they still searching for the venue. And 4 days before the event, they sent me the invitation. Yeaaaaah.


I went there with Soya, Octa and Aline. We met Natasha and others. The venue took place in Eatology, Sabang area. It was my first time there. The place isn’t so big, but quite cozy. The smoking area is very comfortable, with large pots containing plants, a bar and desserts on display. While on the inside that makes it unique is the different types of wine bottles lined up along the wall.

IMG_2332 IMG_2329 IMG_2327

Eatology served many food for us in the event. There were edamame, french fries, onion rings, etc.

IMG_2334 IMG_2350 IMG_2341 IMG_2338 IMG_2418

Let me introduce you to the people behind Sendok Garpu 🙂

1. Sastro Gozali: Founder of Sendok Garpu.
2. Arly Wijaya: Senior Marketing Executive of Sendok Garpu.
3. Stephanie Priscilla: Business Development Manager of Sendok Garpu.


They worked very hard to make this happened. 7 years is not easy. But I believe they will work harder in the upcoming years.

And the event began.. Started with singing in front of public, which is for me, kind of embarrassing. I never like singing in front of public. Embarrassing! But they forced me to sing, so I sang a lovely song from Raisa, “Apalah Arti Menunggu.” Then Aline and Octa filled the room with L.O.V.E. Love the duet!! They were so confident 🙂 After that, Natasha boldly accept the challenge to  become a stabbing victim. She’s holding balloons and the bad guy will chase her with closed eyes. There was also hypnotic session, but I forgot to take picture. Too excited. Last but not least, Eating Contest!!! There were 5 persons, including Soya and Aline. They had to eat big sandwich. No, not big, but huge!! Hahaha.. I don’t need to tell you who was the winner. Just look below 😀

IMG_2402 IMG_2461 IMG_2465 IMG_2431 IMG_2444 IMG_2457

Okay, time to spread the doorprizes. Yaaaaaaaaay, we all got doorprizes. There were vouchers from restaurants and cafes. But 2 grandprizes were vouchers to eat at Intercontinental Hotel and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Yeah rite, I didn’t get those. But, lucky me, Soya got the Intercontinental voucher hahaha.. Yup yup, he had to take me there. Had to!!! It’s a must!! LOL..

IMG_2475 IMG_2477 IMG_2426 IMG_2479

Thank you Sendok Garpu and Eatology for making this event. See you in the next event yaaaaa..

Jl. K.H. Agus Salim No. 22 D-E
Sabang, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021-31930518
FB Fan Page: Eatology Jakarta
twitter: @EatologyJakarta‎


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