Pancious Pancake Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

December 4th, 2013. On 6th anniversary, Pancious was launching their new logo while opening their 14th outlet in Grand Indonesia. So happy that they invited me to be part of this moment.


This new outlet was inspired by market, a place where food lovers are gathering to share ideas and happiness. Their taglines are Good Food and Good Place. Good Food: always with creative and innovative new menus with prima quality. Good Place: a modern interior design with a little touch of natural-classic.

IMG_1751 IMG_1748 IMG_1753

Pancious is rebranding. From their logo, interior design, menu book, to their packaging, etc. Pancious new logo was inspired by the chef with their original recipes. The red color is representing the big passion on culinary world. The black color gives a courage impression in trying new things, which of course to satisfy Pancious’ lovers.

IMG_1765 IMG_1778 IMG_1763 IMG_1768 IMG_1770 IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1776

You can see the new concept right? You can buy organic vegetables there. Love the decorations too. I cannot stop taking pictures. They were so lovely. After this, you will see more lovely pictures hahahaha..

IMG_1864 IMG_1867 IMG_1893 IMG_1895 IMG_1910 IMG_1913 IMG_1959

You can see the environment too. It was so cozy and made me feel at home.

IMG_1785 IMG_1793 IMG_1795 IMG_1825 IMG_1835 IMG_1829 IMG_1839IMG_1930

They also served us pancakes and fruit punch. Nice treat hahaha.. They served them in small portion, so we could eat as much as we want 😀

IMG_1899 IMG_1799 IMG_1920

After speech from Marketing Director Pancious and Country Manager – A.S. Louken Indonesia, they served us pasta and pancake.

Tropical Fruit Punch 52k

The fruit punch was so refreshing. It is really quenching thirst. Sweet and sour mix together.


Creamy Marinara Salmon 72k

thick and creamy, your choice of pasta with salmon, marinara sauce and cream. I’m not a fan of marinara sauce, even though I love salmon but I prefer creamy chicken for my pasta. But, this pasta is delicious for those who love marinara and salmon.

IMG_1974 IMG_1983

Green Tea Pancake 39k

so delicate and gentle with green tea sauce and biscuit crumbles. I like their pancake. Actually I prefer pancake than waffle. I used to love waffle but lately I prefer pancake. They are moist and soft. The green tea sauce is sweet but not too sweet. The biscuit crumbles is cute too.


Thank you Pancious for making this event. Congratulations for the rebranding dan grand opening. See you in the next event.

Grand Indonesia Mall
Lantai 3A West Mall Unit ED 1-01A
Jl. MH Thamrin
Phone: 021-23580936
FB Fan Page: Pancious
twitter: @Panciouspancake

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