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December 1st, 2013. I was invited to Charity Brunch that was held by Omar Niode Foundation on the occasion of Thanksgiving Holiday. Joined with The Cook Shop, this was a fund raising event to support Omar Niode Foundation’s Scholarship Funds for Agriculture, Food and Culinary Arts. The event was also expected to raise awareness that the vast land of Indonesia has a lot of potentials and the country needs skilled human resources to boost its agriculture, food and culinary diversity.

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The event quite special because they invited Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy who welcomed the Charity Brunch. At the end of 2012, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia, formally announced the Indonesian Traditional Culinary Icons, beginning with 30 dishes from all over the archipelago. Aside from aimed at preserving the nation’s traditional culinary heritage, the announcement is also intended to raise awareness of Indonesian culinary culture, and as the first step in promoting Indonesian culinary on the global stage.

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Also attending the private brunch, guided by Chichi Bernardus, food writer and editor-in-chief of Women’s Health Indonesia, were bankers and other young urban professionals, culinary enthusiasts, food writers and bloggers, seated around tables set with elegant tableware ranges decorated with flowers. I was so lucky that I was one of them 🙂 I met a lot of important people, like Ms Ade from ACMI, Ms Tria from Femina, and Mr Daniel, Head of Marketing Dilmah Tea and so on and so on *too many people to mention*. But they all were so humble. Nice people.

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I tried many beverages from Dilmah and Coffésso 🙂 They were very refreshing and delish.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Charity Brunch

in support of
Omar Niode Foundation’s
Scholarship Funds
for Agriculture, Food and Culinary Arts

10.00 – 10.30
Guests arrival

10.30 – 10.35
Welcoming Remarks
Introduction to Event Sponsors

10.35 – 10.45
Remarks by Omar Niode Foundation
Testimony of Thesis Scholarship Recipient

10.45 – 11.00
Indonesian Traditional Culinary Icons
Remarks by special guests

11.00 – 13.30
Brunch and Cooking Demo
Raffle drawing & Door Prize

13.30 – 14.00

Below I will tell you about the food that we’ve tried there.

Tomato Soup

The tomato soup wasn’t too sour. I really like it. The soup was a little bit creamy too. But that’s the best.


Beef Panini Sandwich

The sandwich consists of Panini bread, beef, cheese, tomato, arugula, scrambled eggs and French fries. The beef was so soft and tender. They also showed us how to make it 🙂

IMG_1483 IMG_1490

Kue Perahu

Kue Perahu is a traditional cake from Gorontalo. Some people called it Popaco. Mrs Amanda said it was like Pannacotta hahaha.. I really love it. It was so smooth and tender. Sweet and very delicious.


About The Cook Shop
The Cook Shop is the brand image of Japfa Group, located at Jalan Hang Lekir I No. 15, Jakarta 12120. The facility consists of two parts with rustic theme. The shop displays products from Japfa Group such as Greenfields, So Good, So Nice, Santori, Tokusen and So Fresh. The restaurant, with a cooking theater facility, is by reservation only with a minimum of 10 participants and serves food using Japfa Group products. The Cook Shop works with outside parties as well as its own chefs to cater to private dining events at the location.

About Omar Niode Foundation
The Omar Niode Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to raise awareness about the quality of education and human resources in the field of agriculture, food, and culinary arts. Since its establishment the Foundation has provided scholarships and awards for 50 (fifty) individuals. Omar Niode Foundation is involved with the International Association of Culinary Professionals; International and Indonesian Food Bloggers Association; International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association; Food Tank, the Food Think Tank; and Slow Food International.


Japfa Group
PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk. is one of the largest and most integrated agri-food companies in the country. Its core business activities include animal feed manufacturing, chicken breeding, poultry processing and aquaculture farming. The company’s outstanding competitive advantages are vertical integration and economies of scale. By linking its upstream and downstream operations, it is able to guarantee superior quality outputs at every level – from feed to value-added food products.

Highland Vegetables
Highland Vegetables are produced in the mountains of Java by PT. Cibadak Agri, and the aim is to produce import quality products for the premium domestic market. A wide range of products, and a strong cold chain and distribution system are integral to its strategy. The result is fresh and healthy products.

Dilmah present an unmatched selection of teas, each tasted and selected with the benefit of decades of experience in tea, and most importantly with passion and care. Its range offers tea for every mood and occasion, tea for supermarkets, gourmet food shops, gift and upscale hospitality. The variety includes traditional Speciality Tea, Herbal Infusions, pure Green Tea, Fun flavored Tea, Spiced Chais, Organic Tea, boutique Watte and t-series.

Coffesso™ proudly bring you a concept of single origin Indonesian coffee in a simpliest way to enjoy it as espresso. PODs, made from 100% single origin Indonesian Arabica coffee bean. Roasted and packed within one plant in individual-oxygent-proof sachet ensures Coffesso’s™ freshness everytime served. Four legends of Indonesian coffee introduced by Coffesso™ includes: Mandailing, Kintamani, Celebes and Papua. Each offers a unique profiles that brings a unique coffee journey in every single cup from the jewel of the equator.

Panasonic Gobel Indonesia
Panasonic Gobel Indonesia has a very long history in Indonesia. Until now it remains the most reputable electronics brand with a line of innovative products ranging from home entertainment, cameras and camcorders, home appliances, kitchen appliances, beauty products, batteries and torchlights, lighting, and telephones. Panasonic is committed to creating a better life and a better world, continuously contributing to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the globe.

Thanks to Omar Niode Foundation for always inviting me. And thanks for the doorprizes. Hans, Soya and I, all got a present. We were so blessed.

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