Torta Dolce Cake Pluit Jakarta

November 16th, 2013. I was invited to an event called “Love of French Pattisserie” by Torta Dolce Cake and Next Digital Indonesia. I went with Soya and met the other bloggers there 🙂


Actually, I thought Torta Dolce Cake was a pâtisserie or cake shop or bakery. I was a little bit confuse when I found out that the address was an office building. It turns out that Torta Dolce Cake is selling their products via online.

Torta Dolce was born in 2011 from the love of French patisserie, which demand complexity and perfection in preparation and ingredients.

Our team of Pastry Chefs maintain the highest standard in producing our cakes, pastries, breads and macarons by using only finest and best quality ingredients. Including the use of Valhorna Chocolate for our best selling chocolate macaron and chocolate cakes.

We sell our products online and deliver the order and also provide to wedding caterers, corporate’s coffee break, high teas and birthday parties.

Our brand’s philosophy is to give customers the experience of the best product for birthday occasion, office parties and meetings, corporate gifts package and wedding dessert tables.

The event was held on 4th floor of the building. They had this spacious room for employee’s lunch. I forgot to take picture the whole room. But, it is very large.


Below you will see what they had prepare for us. They had this table with macarons, high teas, and everything else.

IMG_9752 IMG_9644 IMG_9657 IMG_9682 IMG_9707 IMG_9710

After that, they started to teach us how to make Croido. Yup, they have Croido (Croissant Doughnut). 11 flavours. Cool. They have Chocolate Peanut Butter, Rose, Oreo, Salted Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate Orange, Strawberry, Coffee, Cinnamon, Lemon, Original and Maple Cheese.

This is the look of those Croidos when the Chef cooked it. 🙂


They served us the Top 5 Croidos. Actually doughtnuts are delish on their own, but it’s always fun when you can mix it with croissant.

IMG_9712 IMG_9791

Cinnamon 20k

This croido is very simple and no need excessive decoration, but when you sprinkled it with cinnamon, it was to-die-for. Delicious to the max.


Original 20k

I love the sugar glazed on top of this original croido. Filled with cream, this original croido was my favorite too. It was quite flavorful. You will find yourself craving for more 🙂


Maple Cheese 20k

Calling all cheese lovers!!! This croido is full with cheese. It’s like swimming in pools of cheese. Tasty, not too sweet. Nom nom nom..


Chocolate Peanut Butter 20k

Mix chocolate and peanut with butter, you’ll find a fantastic taste in your mouth. The peanut sprinkled on top of the croido, make it pretty and more appetizing. Very tempting, rite?


Salted Caramel Popcorn 20k

This is cute 🙂 Very different from others. And I believed everyone like this very much because of its uniqueness. This insanely good mix of sweet and salty is treacherously hard to stop eating.


Torta Dolce Cake spoiled us with their Christmas package. It was a cute black box with homemade cookies, cupcakes and bread inside. Love all of them 🙂

IMG_3266 IMG_3289 IMG_3326 IMG_3346 IMG_3363

Thank you Torta Dolce Cake for the event. Psst, don’t forget to click the website above to delivery order. Ciaooooooo..

Torta Dolce Cake
Phone: 021-6681919
FB Fan Page: Torta Dolce Cake
twitter: @tortadolcecake