[RELOCATED] better CHOCOlate than never Senopati Jakarta

October 12th, 2013. I went to better CHOCOlate than never after lunch at Senopati area with Soya. The place was not very big, but I really like it. It was cozy and cute and lovely.


We at betterCHOCOlatethannever believe that our chocolate products should be made and prepared with passion, integrity, and sincerity. They should be beautifully simple without being simplistic, understanding the concept of enough without being complacent, emphasizing quality in all things without being inaccessible. We try to embrace all of those values.

IMG_4859 IMG_4802 IMG_4805

We already had our favorite corner. We sat and didn’t wanna move from there 🙂

IMG_4832 IMG_1323

Too bad we already filled our tummy with lunch so we just tried 2 cakes.

Baby Black Forest Cake 34k

Black forest, the old gem that will never lose its charm. Dark-pitted cherries soaked in rum on top of fresh cream wrapped in our Classic Dark Chocolate cake. The texture was incredible. Moist and tender. But tell you the truth, for me, I need more rum!!! Hihihi..

IMG_4817 IMG_4829

Baby Hazelnut Fudge Cake 34k

Rich but not overwhelmingly sweet dark chocolate fudge covered with hazelnut spread. I like the texture. It was also not too sweet. The hazelnut mixed perfectly with the chocolate fudge. And true, it was so rich you won’t complaint about the size. 🙂



30th November 2013. We came back to better CHOCOlate than never. They had new cake for this festive season woohoo.. Christmas is in the air..

IMG_1276 IMG_1277

Baby White Cake 34k

Our moist and soft dark chocolate cake is now dressing up in white chocolate. With simple garnish of cranberries on top, she is ready for Christmas! The texture was so moist you couldn’t resist to eat it over and over again.


Baby Chocolate Layers Cake 32k

An eight–layer chocolate cake made of alternate layers of dark chocolate cake and dark chocolate fudge. It is as chocolate as it can get. A little bit too dry for me. But the layers were cool. 8 layers. Wow. Really amazing. A great combination between dark choco cake with dark choco fudge.


Baby Walnut Biscuit Fudge Cake 34k

Homemade walnut biscuit, sandwiched between premium dark chocolate fudge — sprinkled with toasted walnut. This is the best for me!!! I love how the walnut biscuit danced with the chocolate fudge, in my mouth.


Ice Lychee Tea 28k

This is perfect. This one is thirst quenching drink. Very refreshing. My favorite.


Ice Chocolate 34k

The best ice chocolate I’ve ever tried. Love the bitterness. Not too sweet. You can feel darkness in your mouth.


In this festive season, they have Christmas parcels too and Log Cake promotion..


Parcel A 991k

1 Log Cake-Classic Dark
1 box of Truffles (5 pcs)
1 tin of Chocolate Espresso Brownie Cookies (20 pcs)
1 jar of Tartlets (10 pcs)
1 pouch of Hot Chocolate at Home
2 Baby Walnut


Parcel B 1.308k

1 Log Cake-Classic Dark
1 tin of Truffles (16 pcs)
2 tins of Chocolate Espresso Brownie Cookies (40 pcs)
2 jars of Tartlets (20 pcs)
1 pouch of Hot Chocolate at Home


Parcel C 1.892k

1 Log Cake-Classic Dark
2 tins of Truffles (32 pcs)
2 tins of Chocolate Espresso Brownie Cookies (40 pcs)
2 jars of Tartlets (20 pcs)
2 pouches of Hot Chocolate at Home
2 tins of Double Chocolate Cookies (40 pcs)
4 Baby Walnut


Thank you better CHOCOlate than never for sweeten our day 🙂 see u again soon.

better CHOCOlate than never
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