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November 7th, 2013. I was invited to Chatime‘s event called Call Me Honey. Actually it was a launching for their new Honey Series. It was located in Grand Indonesia outlet. I went there with Octa and Hans.

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Chatime opened its first outlet in the year 2005 in Taiwan and also the number of stores which is approaching to 1000 in 80 cities in four continents worldwide. You can now find Chatime in the US, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, UK and India.

What make us different ?

  • High Tech Tea making process – Quality & Consistency is maintained at all times.
  • Simple one button operations.
  • High standards of hygiene at workplaces and of product manufacturing.
  • Constantly evolving with the range of products with the help of a dedicated R&D team on board.
  • HACCP, SGS, ISO 9001 & Halal certified.

Why honey? Because we are Winnie the Pooh. Hahaha just kidding. Actually, honey has many benefits for our body. Apart from being substitute for sugar for sweeteners in drinks, honey is also beneficial to scrape the fat without draining energy. Honey helps improve the digestive system and as an anti-tumor that can assist in the prevention of cancer.

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Chatime introduced 4 new flavors honey.

Honey Milk Tea

Chatime milk tea mixed with honey. Best consumed with pearl or grass jelly topping. Milk tea isn’t my favorite. That’s why I just sipped it a little just to taste it. It was yummy. Yup, definitely yummy.


Honey Green Tea

Green tea mixed with honey. Best consumed with rainbow jelly topping. This was my favorite. I always like green tea. It was sweet and the green tea aroma was so strong. Love it.


Honey Black Tea

Black tea mixed with honey. Best consumed with coconut jelly topping. I like this black tea too. A little bit bitter than the other, but still the combination was perfect.


Honey Lemon Aloe

Lemon Juice mixed with honey. Aloe Vera topping included. I forgot to take picture of this drink. But, this one was unique.  Sweet and sour together in the glass. Very refreshing.


At the end of the event, we had games. We participated in the 2nd games, which was a relay drinking games. And we won hahaha.. Thanks Chatime for the gift, the games, the honey series and for this launching event. See you on the next event.

So, what are you waiting for? Call me Honey!! 🙂

Chatime Indonesia
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall Level 3A GDI 08
Jl. MH Thamrin no. 1
Phone: 021-23580068
FB Fan Page: Chatime Indo
twitter: @ChatimeIndo

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