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November 30th, 2013. Finally went to another enchanting place to fill my tummy. It’s the same owner, same people, but different mall. I heard about the opening, and I just wanna go there. Actually, I was curious, whether the place will be as exciting as JJ Royal Brasserie, or not. Hahaha..  So, as usual, I came to this place with my best friend, Soya. We were really excited hahaha..

JJ Royal Bistro. Located in one of my favorite malls, Senayan City. The place was nice. Big and beautiful. The cute one is they have a different seats in the place. Quite unique. We met Ian and Eric. And Ian introduced us to Eric Guth, their F&B Manager. He’s so friendly and really nice. Well, they all nice and friendly. That’s why I always come back to JJ Royal Brasserie. 🙂

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Now, let me tell you what we ate 🙂

Soto Betawi 38k

Creamy beef broth with tender chunky beef, paru, babat, steam vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, crackers and fried shallots. This is their new menu. My first impression was WOW. Yup, the thickness of the broth was unbelievable, love it. But, I need rice to maintain the saltiness. It’s too salty for me. Btw, you should order the rice separately. So, don’t forget to order it. 🙂


Bebek Goreng 99k

Presto cooked and fried half duck in bumbu kuning, served with steamed rice, crackers, lalap and sambal matah. It’s their another new menu. The duck was soft and tender. Like it very much. But, different from the soto betawi, it was not really tasty. So, I force myself to dip the duck in sambal matah. And it was so delicious!!! It’s just perfect for me. Delish and not spicy. Nom nom nom. I love the sambal matah so very much!!! 😀


Zero Degree Cappuccino 70k

Icy cold cappuccino semifreddo with chocolate crispy pearls, JJ royal agar, topped with fresh raspberry and milk foam. This is cute. You should pour the milk foam and cappuccino to the fresh raspberry. Then you mixed them all. Yummeeeeeh.. The cappuccino was delicious, the milk foam was like a cloud in your mouth 🙂


Mango Tango 70k

Mango meringue cream, tender almond biscuit, passion jam, fresh blackberries, coconut sorbet. Yaaaaaaaay, finally I tried mango tango. *salsa dance* I really like mango. Don’t know why. Last time I was crazy about banana, but now, it’s mango hohohoho.. The cream was so tender. Soft and melt in your mouth. You could feel the mango. Sweet and very soft. They had a gold glitter which is edible 🙂 Really really love it.


Nostalgia Iced Fruit Soda 35k

Mango with refreshing soda water and crushed ice. Mango again hahaha.. Actually I already tried this one. But, it is so refreshing that I love to order it over and over again. They use real mango fruit in this beverage. In love with this drink.


Kopi Tubruk 20k

I just love the appearance of this kopi tubruk. It’s black and strong. Simple but to the point. 🙂


It was a really nice experience to try this new place. Thanks Ian Consulta, Eric Guilbert and Eric Guth for welcoming us with warm hearts.  Definitely will come back again while in senayan area.

JJ Royal Bistro
Senayan City LG floor Unit L-06B1
Jl.Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta 10270
Phone: 021-29329262
FB Fan Page: JJ Royal Bistro
twitter: @JJRoyalBistro

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