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November 4th, 2013. Bakerzin changed their concept from dessert cafe casual dining to dessert bar. All new dessert menu will be in a special area. Bakerzin is the first one that have this dessert bar concept. I was so excited to attend this event with my 2 besties, Aline and Octa. Cannot wait to try their new menu!!


We were sat in the corner. Nice one. Love it. There’s a big mirror and I tried to capture us hahaha.. Natasha then joined us in the crowd hihihi.. Later on, Anne from IDFB joined us too.. Yaaaay, we’re cool hihihi..

IMG_7761 IMG_7770 IMG_7773 IMG_7788

For interior and exterior design, Bakerzin used rustic modern concept mixed with French design. You can see it on the plafond and cake showcase. They all look vintage. They have dessert bar corner too where you can interact with the barista and the chef pastry.

For dine-in, they can put 140 people. Before we ordered, they served us some canapes. Cute and delicious. Love them all 🙂


Iced Honey Lemon 33k

I really fond of this beverage. The honey and lemon mix together perfectly. Sweet and sour. A simple and refreshing drink. Perfect for your hot day.


Iced Tiramisu Caffe Cinno 35k

This sweet drink really made my day. I just sipped a little bit. Tasted very unique. But, it’s recommended 🙂


Blue Passion Macaron 35k

If you like sweet beverage, you should order this. The macaron is really tempting. The appearance of this drink was very cute. Love it. Btw, for the macaron itself, it’s only 9k 🙂


Sweet Peach Sparkling Fruity Tea 30k

It’s really suit for hot day. You could imagine you were in a beach that was so hot, and you could have this drink. OMG. Really nice!! The peach was sweet and sparkling indeed.


Classic Oxtail Soup 90k

Our signature oxtail soup served with steamed rice and melinjo chips. I really love this menu. First I thought, was it funny to order this menu??? But, I wasn’t sorry. This was really delicious. I’ve heard that Oxtail Soup’s Bakerzin is one of the bests, and I proved it!! Yes, one of the bests.


Veal with Pesto Linguini 120k

Pan-fried veal with homemade pesto linguini and tomato vinaigrette. The Veal was tender and delish. The pesto linguini was soft and yummy. No complaint for this menu. Recommended.


Salmon Steak 90k

Grilled salmon served with sautéed baby potatoes and vegetables. The salmon grilled perfectly. I love salmon. It was so tender and delicious. The baby potatoes and vegetables were yummy and fresh too.


Sliced Beef with Crushed Potato 160k

Tenderloin slice served with over mixed vegetables and potato crush. This menu was not as I expected. It’s very chewy. I prefer the tender one. Hope next time will be better.


Now it’s time for me to introduce their new menu in dessert bar. They called it Gourmet Dessert.

Iced Puma 55k

I love the pink meringue. But the cream wasn’t my favorite. Too bitter for me.


Red Velvet Lava 55k

Red velvet is never my favorite. It’s quite good though. Served with vanilla ice cream.

IMG_7941 IMG_7975

Rum Raisin Caramel Egg Pudding 55k

Too bad they ran out of this menu, so we couldn’t try it.

Deconstructed Foret Noir 55k

This cake was not too sweet. I love this. The name was cute too. Very catchy. But I still didn’t like the cream. Too bitter for me. I prefer the sweet one. Hihihi..


And, that’s all folks. Wrap for the day. Congratulations Bakerzin and thank you so much for inviting us. See you in the next event.

Plaza Senayan Level 2
Jalan Asia Afrika
Jakarta 10270
Phone: 021-57900408
FB Fan Page: Bakerzin
twitter: @bakerzinjkt

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