[EVENT] Super Sunday Brunch with Omar Niode Foundation Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta

October 27th, 2013. I just found out that it was The 6th National Bloggers Day. I was invited by Omar Niode Foundation (ONF) to an event called Bloggers Super Sunday Brunch at The Dharmawangsa. It was an event to gather 10 bloggers to get to know each other, share knowledge, and discuss about culinary. I was so thrilled because it was so exclusive hahaha..

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The Bloggers Super Sunday Brunch was opened by speech from Mrs Amanda Katili and Terzi Niode from ONF. Then we introduced our blogs. So excited to see other bloggers. I always love to meet new people. 😀

The Omar Niode Foundation, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, was officially formed in 2009 in memory of Omar Taraki Niode (1984-2009), and is dedicated to social and educational purposes.

Legalized by The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Indonesia under Decree No. AHU-850.AH.01.04, this non profit organization began its work with an endowment fund from Omar’s hard earned savings and aimed at generating and providing resources for programs and activities in agriculture, food, and culinary arts.

Initial investment came from Omar’s hard earned savings and all donations from colleagues, friends and families. Inspired by the assistance that Omar received while he was a student in Davis, we have programs in Omar’s name that will go on and on. Each year, his name and short biography will be distributed amongst faculty, staff, students, and individuals who are the recipients of scholarships, awards, and donations from Omar Niode Foundation.

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We sat at long table in Majapahit Lounge area. Executive Chef The Dharmawangsa, Chef Vindex Tengker, joined us and gave us a little tips how to try all 40 foodstalls in this Super Sunday Brunch without getting too full hihihi. He said, eat just a little in every stalls, not too much. Just the right portion to know the taste. Eat the unusual food, not everything. Chef Vindex told us that Super Sunday Brunch only 3 times in a year. On Easter Day, after Eid al-Fitr (1 month or 2 months later), and on Christmas Day. Hmm.. cannot wait this Christmas. 😀


Then, we walked around to see so many food and desserts and everything. I was drooling all over the place hahahaha.. Trust me. You don’t wanna see me in the drooling version. I was like a child in candyland. Couldn’t describe everything. It’s just like Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory. Like Hansel and Gretel in the candy house. Like Alice in Wonderland. Btw, the champagne was free flow. Ohmaigaaaahtttt..

IMG_6735 IMG_6742 IMG_6717

I will give you the lay out of this Super Brunch.


Various of Cheeses

Les Fromages Chantal Plasse: Regal de Bourgogne with Cranberries


Les Fromages Chantal Plasse: Regal de Bourgogne with Raisin


Les Fromages Chantal Plasse: Aromes de Lyon


And now it’s time for some food 🙂

Various of Oysters


Various of Lobsters and Prawns


Nasi Liwet Keprabon Solo


Mie Yogyakarta


Peking Duck, Mini Egg Benedict with Spinach and Turkey, Pan Roasted Angus Beef Tenderloin with Lobster Ravioli and Truffle Jus, Vine Ripened Tomato Crushed Sea Bass Fillet with Leek Fricassee and Ginger Beureu Blanc (clockwise)


Pan Fried Foie Gras


Various of Caviars



Chocolate Fountain


Black Forest


Assorted Mousse in Mini Cone


Macadamia Brownies


Exotic Fruit Cake


Mini Cup Cake




Chocolate Tart


Assorted Mini French Pastry


Assorted Praline Chocolate


Chocolate Souffle


Last but not least, the bloggers!! Let me introduce the other bloggers. Ade Putri Paramadita, missHOTRODqueen – Amril Taufik Gobel, Catatan Dari Hati – Jessica Darmawan, Destination Indonesia – Leonardo Slatter, Food Steps Journal – Mira Sahid, Inspirasi Mama – Rian Farisa, The Gastronomy Aficionado – Santhi Serad, SanthiSerad – Umi Fadilah, Umi Fadilah – Verdi Danutirto, The Hungry Doctor – and myself, Yenny Widjaja, Things that Make Me Happy.

20131027_151147 20131027_151638 20131027_144910 bloggers

Thanks to Omar Niode Foundation and The Dharmawangsa Hotel for making this lovely event. See you on the next gathering.

The Dharmawangsa Hotel
Jl. Brawijaya Raya no. 26
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12160
Ph: 021-7258181

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