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October 25th, 2013. I was invited to Paulaner Bräuhaus for a sneak peek before they open for public on 7th November 2013. Paulaner Bräuhaus, operated by Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, reopened in its new location on the second floor on East Mall Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, overlooking the capital landmark, Bundaran HI. Paulaner Bräuhaus is Bavaria’s biggest brewer and Jakarta’s only microbrewery.

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First I stepped foot on Paulaner, the ambiance really caught me. It’s so warm and lovely. We were showed around. The kitchen is our first destination, then after that, we walked around the place.

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Paulaner is housed in 1,100-square-metre rustic space with exposed brick walls, and the copper and steel brewing tanks are showcased at its centre. The restaurant features seating for up 400 guests, including a private dining room and stage where live music is performed nightly. They have smoking area too.

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During renovation, they received more than a hundred emails from people who said they missed Paulaner Bräuhaus. What people missed about Paulaner was the beer, for sure. Paulaner Bräuhaus features home-brewed beers, including the classic Munich Lager, Munich Dark, as well as seasonal brews such as Oktoberfest and Maibock. Paulaner brewmaster, Arie Susanto, said, “Home-brewed beer simply tastes better than bottled beer. Bottled beer is filtered. Our beer is served fresh from the brewery so it is smooth, savoury and smeels crisp.” I love their beer. True, love it.

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In this event, they served all their food. The menu is contemporary Bavarian cuisine. Sausages, sauerkraut, schnitzelecke, salads, and their famous pork knuckle. But the best thing for me was their blackforest cake. Best blackforest ever!!! Ok Yenny, drop your fingers and stop writing hahaha.. From now on, let my pictures do the talking, okay?

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Thanks Paulaner Bräuhaus for the sneak peek. Now, let’s enjoy their new ambiance in the new location. Opening today!!!

You can see the menu here.

Paulaner Bräuhaus
Jl M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Phone: 021-23583871
FB Fan Page: Paulaner Bräuhaus

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  1. Numpang nanya , apakah brewery nya paulaner udah aktif lagi ? bisa mesen beer nya yg paulaner …. soalnya dulu terakhir kesana beer nya cmn ada bintang dan merk2 lain nya ~_~

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