Ikuze Japanese Food Bazaar Lippo Mall Kemang Jakarta

September 24th, 2013. We were invited to try some new menu from Ikuze. Too bad Octa couldn’t make it again. So, it’s just me, Soya, Hans and Aline. We met Omar and introduced him to Hans, because Hans didn’t come on our first foodtasting. 🙂

I was so surprised when Omar gave us some kind of flyer. It’s written FOOD TASTING SESSION. Cool. And all my friends teased me because it’s only written my name and friends hahaha..


I always love coming back to Ikuze, either in epiwalk or Lippo Mall Kemang. Their warmth makes me feel like home. From the first time I stepped my foot there, I knew that I will keep coming back.

IMG_2581 IMG_2582 IMG_2580

Edamame 20k

As appetizer, this is very cute. I always like edamame. Not sweet, not sour, not salty. But, very addictive.


So, started from 2nd October 2013, Ikuze offered a promo called “Let’s Go Moriawase.” Moriawase means combination platter. So, new menu will be served to guests.

Sushi Tier 245k

With 3 levels, Sushi Tier will spoil your appetite with their awesomeness hihihi..


Level 1: Sake and Maguro Sashimi
Level 2: Gunkan (Spicy Inari and Mango Mayo). Nigiri (Inari, Tamago, Sake, Maguro, Taro and Fried Sake).
Level 3: Crazy Crab Sake Roll, Chef Tri’s Fusion Roll, Mango Sake Roll and Beef Salad Roll.
You won’t be satisfied with one tier, trust me!!

IMG_2645 IMG_2639IMG_2610

Yakitori Moriawase 240k

Consists of 8 skewers and 1 plate of Gyutang (Grilled Beef Tongue Skewer, Paprika, Negi, Yakitori Sauce). The 8 skewers are Ebi, Mixed Mushrooms, Ika (Fish), Beef, Gindara, Chicken, Ninniku (Garlic) and Chicken Skin. They all were very delicious. But the best was still the gyutang. Last time the gyutang was not tender, but not that night. The gyutang was the best!!

IMG_2585 IMG_2643 IMG_2653

Puremiamu Bento (Premium Bento) 240k

This bento consists of 6 menus. Wagyu Steak, Mini Salmon Belly Soup, Sashimi, Chicken Teriyaki Sushi, Soft Shell Crab Tempura. Plus 1 bowl of rice. They all were very delish huhuhuhu.. we want more!! we want more!! hahaha..


Nutella Crepes 35k

Lately, I’m always craving for nutella desserts. So when Omar offered nutella crepes, I was like, “OMG!! Yaaaaay!” And this nutella crepes was delicious. Melted in my mouth.


Matcha Latte 35k

I’m not a coffee addict anymore. In fact, I only can drink low-acid coffee. So, I tried their Matcha Latte. And the taste was as gorgeous as the appearance.

IMG_2671 IMG_2670

Coffee Latte 30k

According to my friends, the coffee latte was delicious too. They made an art on top of it. Too bad it’s a cat. I prefer bunny hahahahaha..


So, what are you waiting for? This “Let’s Go Moriawase” only available until 1st November 2013. Let’s Go to Ikuze!!! *errr, ikuze itself means let’s go, you know*

Ikuze Japanese Food Bazaar
Lippo Mall Kemang – Kemang Village
UG Fl Unit 01 OD
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36 P
Kemang, Jakarta
Telp: 021-29528356
FB Fan Page: Ikuze
twitter: @IkuzeJakarta