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End of July 2013, 7 coupons from GODIVA came.  Pas deh buat dibagi2 ke SkinnyMini en the husbands, mumpung baru 2 orang yg punya pasangan.  Ternyata selama summer 2013, GODIVA is presenting the CHOCOLIXIR Collection. Temanya adalah: Icy Flavour that lingers in your mouth.


Created in 1926 in Brussels by Pierre Draps and further established by Pierre’s son Joseph Draps, GODIVA Chocolatier has become one of the most prestigious chocolate brands in the world. the recipes of our founder and our unique chocolate making process remain the secrets of GODIVA quality, leading to GODIVA’s appointment as official supplier to the Royal Court of Belgium.

31 Agustus 2013. Gw, Soya dan Aline memutuskan untuk bersamaan mendatangi GODIVA yang terletak di level 1. Lokasinya mudah ditemukan, bersebrangan dengan Sushi Tei. Outletnya tidak terlalu besar, tp cukup nyaman untuk memilih coklat yg ingin dibeli. I feel like in a fairytale with all those pretty chocolates hehehe.. Too bad my hubby, Octa and Rinto cannot come with us..

IMG_0230 IMG_0234 IMG_0331

Gw sempetin utk foto sebanyak2nya di sana. Packaging-nya semua cantik2, bikin ngiler deh. Rasanya gak puas2 deh pengen foto semua. So let’s see my pictures. I won’t say anything. Let them tell the story to you.

IMG_0309 IMG_0229 IMG_0238 IMG_0236 IMG_0237 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0244

Now let’s discuss the CHOCOLIXIR

IMG_0283 IMG_0286

Iced Dark Chocolate Raspberry 55k

I always like raspberry. The sourness and sweetness create some kind of wonderful taste. Bayangkan kalau bertemu dengan coklat yang manis dan sexy. Bisa dipastikan rasanya jadi sensual banget. You can feel the richest dark chocolate blend with refreshing raspberry jam and icy feeling through every sip 🙂 Marvelous!!


Iced Dark Chocolate Mint 55k

Mint and chocolate always makes a perfect combination. Some time ago, chocolate mint was very favorite. Setiap kali beli coklat, pasti nyari yg coklat mint. Skr coba kalo digabung dengan icy flavours dari GODIVA ini, bs dipastikan makin fresh aja 😀


Iced Dark Chocolate 55k

This is my favorite. Dark chocolate-nya gak terlalu dark sih, buat gw agak kurang, tp dibanding yg lain, this is one of the best. But I wish they make it a little darker. 🙂 Dark chocolate lebih terasa nikmat jika rasa pahitnya juga keluar sedikit hehe.. Tapi ini enak juga kok 🙂


Iced Milk Chocolate 55k

Actually, this one is my less favorite. Too sweet and too milky for me 🙂 But for those who like milk chocolate, just order this one. Perfect milky iced chocolate hehehe


Gak afdol rasanya kalo gak nyobain coklat2nya juga donk ya.

Tourbillon 85

Dark chocolate filled with 85% cocoa and dark chocolate ganache.


Carre Dark 72% – Carre Dark 50% – Milk Lait

A delicious assortment of chocolate square with varying amounts of cocoa; an exceptional treat of dark chocolate lovers.

IMG_0293 IMG_0295

Lingot Noisette

Hazelnut praliné with hazelnut pieces.

IMG_0304 IMG_0307

Truffe Amère

Extra dark chocolate butter cream enrobed in a dark chocolate shell and rolled in dark chocolate flakes.


If you wanna feel heaven melt in your mouth, do not hesitate. Just come to GODIVA.

GODIVA Chocolatier Indonesia
Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Unit 114
Jl. MH Thamrin, Kav 28-30
Telp: 021-29923972
FB Fan Page: Godiva Indonesia
twitter: @GODIVAIndonesia

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