[EVENT] Fit and Spa Pullman CP Jakarta

11 Juni 2013. Gw dpt undangan dari Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel dalam event terbaru mereka.

Dear Ibu Yenny,

 Greetings from Pullman Jakarta Central Park.

Stepping into the third quarter of 2013, we delightfully learn that we have so much to present to our clients and at this moment we are so excited to introduce them one of the newest presentation of our Fit and Spa Lounge named the “Dream Factory” which is a sleep swaying approach for an imminent bedtime which are created and dedicated to enable our valued guests to achieve a peaceful night rest for a more relaxed and refreshed tomorrow.

Nevertheless, before we announce and launch this facility to the public, we would like you to be the first to know and be familiar with.

At this opportunity, we would like to cordially invite you to attend a warm ceremony where we could provide you with a profound information of what this service is all about.

Your presence is truly appreciated and delightfully we would like to inform you that on this special evening you would have a chance to win an after-event try-out lucky draw prize of 30 min Relaxed for Escape or 15 min Serenity Moment Treatment.

Wah, seneng banget gw begitu terima emailnya hihihihi


So begitu selesai acara di salah satu hotel di area senayan, gw langsung meluncur ke CP. Duduk2 di sana, muter2 di sana, jam 17:30 gw muncur deh ke Pullman. Begitu sampe, gw lgs foto2 cantik dulu ya di Fit and Spa 🙂 Lounge-nya enak banget. Cozy en colorfull. Tempat duduknya juga catchy banget dengan warna2 fuschia. Tulisan COOL yang artistik juga bikin suasana makin asyik aja 🙂

1 IMG_1088 IMG_1118

Acara diawali dengan perkenalan dari Mas Arditya, speech dari Pak Aldo, info2 produk dari Mbak Indah dan terakhir speech dr Mr. Fabrice. Acara berlangsung nyaman karena tidak terlalu banyak yang diundang. Jadi gak begitu crowded. Pada intinya Fit and Spa di Pullman CP ini ingin memperkenalkan produk baru mereka, yaitu Dream Factory.

Dream Factory is our priceless and unique presentation for a perfect shuteye to remarkably dwindle mind races and ruminations from hustling activities, workload and travel time differences with an embellished peaceful night rest at your serene and tranquil room.

IMG_1129IMG_1133 IMG_1141 IMG_1152

Sambil melihat2 fasilitasnya, kita disuguhi minuman dan makanan sehat 🙂

IMG_1123 IMG_1120

Beberapa tipe yg ditawarkan Dream Factory:

A La Carte

Pillow Selection:
Aromatherapy pillows releasing calming and relaxing scent.
1. Latex Pillow.
2. 7Hole Fiber Pillow.
3. Aromatherapy Pillow (Lavender Scent)
4. Aromatherapy Pillow (Green Tea Scent)
5. Therapeutic Pillow
6. Bolster Pillow
Rental rate 25k/night

IMG_1091 IMG_1094 IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1090

Relaxing Aromatherapy Eye Pillow
A perfect solution to relieve eye straing and eye fatigue.
Retail rate: 115k
Rental rate: 25k/night

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Scent
The ultrasonic aroma diffuser creates calming aromatherapy scent by breaking up water and essemtial oils.
Retail rate: 525k
Rental rate: 60k/night

Aromatherapy Linen Spray 100 ml
A pillow spray that brings the aroma essential.
Retail rate: 60k/bottle

Aromatherapy Face Spray 100 ml
An aromatherapy face spray with a floral scent.
Retail rate: 60k/bottle

Sleeping Lamp
A sleeping lamp to combine with aromatherapy eye pillow and aromatherapy ultrasonic diffuser scent to reach quality sleep.
Retail rate: 150k
Rental rate: 15k/night

Spa Service
A pleasing massage from head to toe to relieve stress and calm tension.
1. 30′ back, head and face massage: 150k ++
2. 30′ foot and hand massage: 125k ++
3. 15′ shoulder and head massage: 50k ++
4. 15′ foot massage: 50k ++
5. 15′ hand massage: 50k ++

Masi ada juga paket2 massage yang seru2 loh.

Morpheus Favorite @ guest’s room
30 minutes – 175k ++
Featuring pillow selections, a signature back-head-face massage or foot and hand massage, a relaxing eye pillow, a natural unique sleeping lamp and coming with aromatherapy ultrasonic diffuser and an aromatherapy linen spray.

Dazzling Dream @ guest’s room
15 minutes – 100k ++
Featuring pillow selections, a relaxing eye pillow, a natural unique sleeping lamp and coming with the scent of aromatherapy ultrasonic diffuser and linen spray.

Relaxed for Escape @ spa lounge
30 minutes – 150k ++
Featuring a signature back-head-face massage or foot and hand massage, and an aromatherapy eye pillow.

Serenity Moment @ spa lounge
15 minutes – 85k ++
Featuring a shoulder and head massage or foot and hand massage, and an aromatherapy eye pillow.

Berikut foto2 tempat yg dipakai di dalam Fit and Spa.

IMG_1173 IMG_1155 IMG_1157 IMG_1162 IMG_1164 IMG_1165 IMG_1169 IMG_1170 IMG_1171

Eh, sempet ngintip loker cewe loh. Nyaman banget tempatnya 🙂

IMG_1175 IMG_1177

Di akhir acara ada doorprize yang dipilih oleh Mr Fabrice, en gw beruntung mendapatkan draw prize of 15 min Serenity Moment Treatment. Yaaaaaaaaaaay. Walaupun awalnya deg2an krn gak pernah di-massage, tp gw malah ketagihan kayanya. Thanks to Mbak Dewi yang udah bikin gw relaks malam itu. 😀

Thanks buat Mbak Rita Elisabeth yg udah ngundang. Tak lupa juga utk pihak Pullman Central Park Jakarta Hotel yang udah mengadakan event ini dan mengundang gw sehingga bisa jadi bagian di acara ini. Cukup takjub karena cuma ketemu Nia di sini. Jadi blogger cuma berdua aja hahaha. Spt biasa, ditunggu undangan2 berikutnya hihihi

Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel
Podomoro City, Jl. Let. Jend S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta 11470
Phone:(021) 29200088
Email: info@pullmanjakartacentralpark.com
twitter: @Pullman_Jkt_CP



  1. Dear Ms Yenny,

    Greetings from Pullman Jakarta Central Park
    Thank you for coming and posting this in such an endearing way 🙂
    It was a delight to have you at our event and we also grateful for you are one of the serenity treatment prize winner.
    we hope that you have a captivating experience from our Fit and Spa.
    looking forward to welcoming you at our upcoming events.
    Rita sends you a warmest regards.

    With best regards,
    Vincennes Faronto – E-Commerce
    Pullman Jakarta Central Park.

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